Outfit: Faux Leather Jacket and Colored Pants

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Question, can we please move on from the 2012 elections??? Folks are still extra salty and I don't need the high blood pressure right now. I recently had a coworker bring her 5 year old son into the workplace talking about "Booooo Obama". Seriously? It's been 2 weeks lady! And then yesterday, a Caucasian male told a little boy asking for football donations to, and I quote, "Get it from Obama"! What the hell is going on? Let's take the fact that I am an avid President Obama supporter out of the picture. Now, from a non-partisan perspective, I find this type of behavior extremely disturbing. I feel as if we are teaching our kids to disrespect the office of the presidency. And trust me, there was quite a bit of disrespect but I can't get into all the specifics here. Good people, there is a check and balance system in our dear old government and this system was put in place to prevent tyranny and to democratically represent the people of our nation. In other words, don't hold one man accountable for your governmental frustrations. There has not been a super congress in years (one party holding a significant majority). Therefore, any heartburn you're experiencing over recent policies should encompass not only our president, but House and Senate representatives as well. And last but not least, leave the kids out of this!!! It was sad to see first hand how generational hate is created. Good grief! I'm sorry for my soap box this morning but I had to vent and this is my platform so......

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Below I've posted photos from dinner with my boo. I couldn't wait to try on these pants I ordered a while back and the main reason is because I accidentally ordered them a size too small! However, I was too busy to send them back in time so I challenged myself to a little fashion weightloss ;-)

Yaayyyy.....they fit!!!! For the most part anyways, LOL.

I normally don't wear such a "business casual" look outside of work but I was going for a more classic look.

The hair was left messy on purpose folks.....I did not have time to curl it. Don't judge me!

Earrings/Jacket/Pants/Clutch - Forever 21
Top - Banana Republic
Bracelet - gift from friend
Ring - Street vendor (NYC)
Heels - Urbanog.com



Joy Shana said…
Those pants are gorgeous,love your shoes
miasmode said…
The jacket looks super rad <3

Anonymous said…
Kеep this going ρleaѕe, great job!
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Shari said…
Very Cute! This is a great look on you and slimming too, that's always a plus! Love the shoe choice.
ciaa said…
love love your shoes. I wish I could walk with them lol
LA Lynn's said…
Chic & comfy look!

Heidi-likes said…
you are so rocking this outfit, the jacket is so gorgeous on you! x

Very cute look! I would totally wear this!
Ayantika said…
Hey you look so stylish.Loved your blog :)

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Kiwi..x said…
LOVE this outfit, The shoes are amazing
You look amazing, so beautiful, I adore that jacket of yours, so hot!
Ticka said…
No judgement here! You look great! Way to work it out!! And I love those shoes… per usual
Dre said…
Girl those pants look great on you! And I'm loving the shoes!

Thanks for sharing your mini-rant with us also. I'm so tired of hearing this blatant disrespect around me! These folks need to get over it and get over it fast! I feel you, girl.
Unknown said…
Looking absolutely fabulous doll and those pants are fierce.

I completely agree with you about the Obama remarks people be making now. SERIOUSLY GET OVER IT! He's a good president and I voted for him so there!! anyway people are so rude sometimes doll what can we do right...just click the ignore button and look away! :)
Take care gorgeous.

<3 Marina
Vhutali said…
lovely pants, i would lose weight for em too.

You looks pretty! love the color combination and the view is just nice :)