Outfit: Fall Colors

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Happy Hump Day folks! I am up and on the grind super early this morning. Let's just say that I forgot to do some things for work and I need to get them done by my 9 am deadline....oops! But beyond that, I also need to share with you all my compulsive Aries nature. Remember when I said that I would be slowing down because I have too many things on my plate? If you don't recall it's okay because apparently I didn't remember either. A friend of mine asked me to co-host her blog radio show tomorrow evening and my crazy behind said yes! I have never done radio and my time is tight as ever. What in the heck was I thinking!!! Oh well, the damage has been done. Our discussion topic will be "Post-Election" and I'm sure it will be good, however, let's hope I don't freeze up on air, lol. I will share the call in number tomorrow with you all if you would like to listen in :-)

Below I've posted pics from this past weekend when I went to my alma mater's homecoming. I basically shopped the entire weekend. The vintage and thrift stores are amazing up there! I guess because there are so many broke students that need to shop on a budget ;-)

My little nephew took these photos and he is always switching up the angles, lol.

I was happy to be in cooler weather so I pulled out my fall colors to complement the season.

Earrings - Street vendor
Blazer - Forever 21
Tank - Zara
Clutch - Furla
Jeans - Forever 21
Heels - Zara



Joy Shana said…
Love your blazer,pants and bag, gorgeous
Heather said…
That color combo of that bag and blazer is just perfect!

Pearls & Paws
This is a really nice look, I really like the clutch and the tee is really cute.
Ticka said…
Looking good Lady!!

I'm sure you will be great on the radio show, but you need to have a few days of R & R. Get some "me time" in soon please =D
Ciaa said…
Great mix of color ! love it
You look nice! I need a close up of those heels, lol, from what I can tell I just LOVE them! xx Enjoy your week dear.
Unknown said…
Perfect color palette and oh so fall. I love everything about your outfit.

<3 Marina
Ebony Styles said…
You know you are working those shoes. I love the whole outfit, nice choice of colors with the bag and the blazer. That radio blog sounds really cool, can't wait, I'm sure the conversation of politics will be something. Good luck.

LA Lynn's said…
Love the color of your blazer! And, I would love to hear you on the radio!!!! I thought I stay busy you be on the GO!!!! Lol!

Bravoe Runway said…
Your nephew is an awesome photographer and I also love the clutch!!!
Princie said…
Great outfit! Love your blazer and your clutch!
Unknown said…
Very cute look!!

Carsedra of:


Janique-HGB said…
Loving this entire look, especially the color combo!