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Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend good people! I pray that you all are well. Friday evening I went to see Twilight....whatever the rest of the name is. I am not a fan nor have I read any of the books but I was asked to go so I pasted a barbie smile upon my lips and I awkwardly nodded my head in what I hoped was a confusing yes but that crap didn't work, lol. The movie actually turned out to be okay. However, I was lost most of the time and I quietly slashed my wrists during the "romantic" scenes, but I'm proud to say I survived. I'm a total dude when it comes to movies so action and/or comedy is my love and anything other than those two categories I have to grit my teeth and suck it up. I know...sad.

Below I posted pics of what I wore on Thanksgiving Day. I wanted to be chic but relaxed. The day was really chilly but I refused to believe the weatherman and I opted for relaxed fit shorts, a blazer, and heels. Needless to say I stayed my behind indoors. My defiant nature continues to be a thorn in my side. But beyond my chill bumps, I want to introduce you all to my new favorite bag....The Rocco. Shout out to my fabulous friend Jesenia for gifting me this bag I've been stalking for about 3 years, LOL. I nearly cried when she brought it to me. This bag is not in the "affordable luxury" category. She's so generous!!!

 I should have purchased this bag eons ago, but I was a bit indecisive about 2 other bags I'm currently interested in: The Celine Mini Luggage Tote and the Louis Vuitton Alma Vernis. I swear my expensive tastes need to calm they behind down....

This textured leather duffle bag has two top handles, a detachable shoulder strap, black studs throughout the base, and a side panel with a concealed zip pocket. A lot of folks were disappointed in the bag because it is essentially shapeless and very heavy. Ummm, I don't identify with any of those complaints. I LOVE this bag and I apologize in advance for the many outfit posts that will contain this baby.

Oh, by the way, I nicknamed this bag 'Wang', LOL!

Blazer - Old Navy
Top - Zara
Bracelets - Random boutique - Hawaii
Jean Shorts - Forever 21
Watch - Emporio Armani
Handbag - Alexander Wang 'Rocco' (gift by my wonderful friend)
Heels - 'Soiree' by Jeffrey Campbell (Solestruck.com)



Stunning outfit!
Ohhhhh the bag...this is on my lust list oh my oh my.
I need aq friend like yours in my life- lucky girl.

Style4Curves said…
gorgeous look and ur hair is getting so long!
Lorraine said…
Cute and casual look my dear!! Love your shoes :)

With Love,
Ciaa said…
You look chic indeed. I love them shoes girl !!! I am still LMAO at your twilight comment .
Ofure .O. said…
Gorg...Love the shoes..cute x
Unknown said…
I love that Blazer!!! I'm not a Twilight fan either. I think we are in the minority though.
I saw Twilight too hahaha, and I lost the most important parts hahaha, I haw talking too much :).
Unknown said…
This outfit is too cute, I love those shoes and that bag!!!

I won a inspired bag (that's what I will call it) like the Rocco a while back in a Sand color but only carried it once. The bag is cute but I just feel funny carrying what looks like a knock-off. :-0 Not downing anyone that does, I just feel like people that have the real one can tell it's not real so I don't carry it. Am I wrong for that, LOL?!?!?!

Carsedra of:


Sazi Efionayi said…
cool shoes

Sincerely Coco said…
such a cool outfit!!loving this longer length on you!!
Unknown said…
The clear/ perspex heels are making a comeback

Fashion Pad said…
Girl I used to carry knock offs and didn't even know it. Now, I just can't. It's weird, I can rock an "inspired" designer heel, but not their bags, lol.
Fashion Pad said…
Finally, someone besides me, LOL
Fashion Pad said…
LOL! I couldn't help mentioning it. I'm a little ignorant at times ;-)
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks, I freakin LOVE my friends!
StyleDeLaCreme said…
Love the look of your boyfriend shorts paired with a blazer. I'm a new follower. Would love for you to check out my blog and join:

StyleDeLaCreme said…
Love the look of your boyfriend shorts paired with a blazer. I'm a new follower. Would love for you to check out my blog and join:

Fashion Pad said…
Yaaayy....thanks boo!
Unknown said…
I like the simplicity & effortlessness of the outfit, you look wonderful as always!
Vhutali said…
love the outfit. i for one started wearing shorts. starting to easy up on em.

love the bag.

xox V
Girl you made me LOL for real at the "quietly slash your wrist" HAHA! I'm right there with you in not understanding the obsession folks have with the whole Twilight saga. You looked super cute and comfy for the holiday! Happy belated Thanksgiving!
LA Lynn's said…
Hmmm... Never been a fan of twiligt! I do wanna see this one but not sure if I would be lost or not since I haven't seen the other ones. And, you already know I think you have the best legssss!!!!! So the outfit is definitely a hit!!!!