Who Rocked It? Kim K vs Fergie

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I know this is a super late post today but my morning started with me cursing out my electric company for the weak electric lines/servers they have in my neighborhood. In other words, there was a storm some time during the night, my lights went out, and I woke up late. Good grief! I don't sleep in late but during the week I'm a little extra dependent upon my good ole alarm clock. A student of mine once told me I should also set the alarm on my phone. I told her to eat grass and stay out of my business, lol. She's a sweetheart but I have to treat all my students with disdain....it's tradition. And they still love me! It boggles the mind but I think they know that I'm just full of hot air, lmbo!

Anyhew, I wanted to get your opinion on which one of these celebratory fashionistas rocked this tuxedo jacket below. I ran across these pics about a week ago and forgot to post.

Kim K made an appearance at the Palladium Collection by Jacob & Co. launch party in New York City last month. She accessorized her Balmain tuxedo jacket with ankle strap heels and a mini audiere'. Fergie was spotted at a Case-Mate event in NYC also happening last month. She decided to rock a silk top beneath her jacket and sport classic black pumps. Both ladies look good but this jacket just doesn't do it for me. I personally don't like garments that exude the "there's something missing" look to them. I know it sounds crazy but seriously, it looks like Kim is leaving her man's home after a late night and early morning (if you know what I mean) and Fergie looks like she forgot her pants. This jacket is actually sold out in some stores already. However, I was able to find it below at the really low price of about $4,000 dollars......*swoon*

Balmain Black Double-Breasted Stretch 
Wool Tuxedo Blazer $3,970 www.stylebop.com

Good heavens look at that price! Balmain has definitely discovered their niche and they have been extremely successful! This menswear inspired piece has satin lapels, military flair with gold-toned buttons, long sleeves, double-breasted front button placket, AND buttoned cuffs. Now obviously this jacket's fit is oversized or these ladies would not be able to rock it as a dress. But all I see when I look at their pics is "Look ma, no pants"! If I had to choose, I think I would select Kim K because the fit is better and the lack of undershirt actually looks better to me. But the real question is..........................

Who do YOU think rocked it????

Pics spotted at People.com/Stylewatch



Kim of course! Fergies looks a little big.
Kimmy of course! My name sake! lol