Outfit: Seeing Dots

Greetings Fashionistas,

I have been struggling to post every day. It is so irritating because fashion is my passion and of course another outlet for me. My blog is turning into a personal style format and this is not the vision I had for it. I'm going to have to get back to allocating appointment times for my daily "to do" list. It sounds a little overboard but I promise you, this Aries is exactly like her sign (I generally take on more than I can handle stress free). I want to get back to covering celebrity fashion, answering reader requests, product reviews, style inspiration, etc. But right now, my time is so sketchy. However, if I'm being honest with myself, I can definitely admit that I haven't used it wisely. That's got to change. I'm reaching burn out and quite frankly, I refuse to get to that point. As a matter of fact, my vanity vehemently refuses to allow me to look like a recovering addict........just saying. It's going to take me a while to sort it all out but expect to see some significant changes in my blog content and the blog design coming soon. It's time for an upgrade right?

This weekend is pretty boring for me. I'm working so nothing really exciting is going on :-( However, I plan to live vicariously through you all, LOL. So what do you all have planned? Do tell!

In other news, here's what I wore to church this past Sunday........

Surprisingly, we woke up to cooler temperatures so of course I immediately pulled out a scarf and a pair of booties :-) But by mid morning, I was back to peeling off my mini layers.....it was pretty warm, SMH.

Oh how I LOVE polka dots!!!!! I like how this belt cinches my waistline but the clasp is so blah.

Sidenote: Isn't black fantastically slimming???? I was like "Who is this 10lb lighter fashionista?", LOL!

My clutch is technically a satchel but it works well as a clutch with this look. I bought one for myself and my niece. It's too cute!

I decided to go with simple black garments so the pattern of my accessories can really pop!

Blazer - Zara
Scarf/Clutch - H&M
Belt - Charlotte Russe
Jeans - Forever 21
Booties - Aldo

Have a safe and wonderful weekend folks!



We don't have that clutch at H&M, can you send me one? Please :).
You look smoking hot in this outfit!
Princie said…
Perfect outfit! Love your bag and your heels!
Kiwi..x said…
Great outfit, Love the shoes
Style4Curves said…
very cute!!!! I know what you mean I used to post twice a week outfit posts and that burned me out that's why I only post outfits once a week.
Ofure .O. said…
Love ur clutch & shoes :)
Unknown said…
Looove your outfit! You look stunning!

Boy do I know that feeling! I have all these great ideas for my blog, but can't seem to find the time to implement them, and so I fall back on the good ol' outfit posts (not that my readers are complaining, but I want more!) Anyway, keep your head up and make an editorial calendar...it will help!

Love that bag!!

Unknown said…
OMGEEEEE! Love, love this outfit and you look stunning like always mama. Loving the clutch...xoxoxox
Unknown said…
Gorgeous doll and your bag is absolutely stunning. I'm in love.

<3 Marina
Unknown said…
This is a very professional yet fashionable look, its one of my faves from you! I completely can relate about moving towards your "vision" for your blog and finding time to balance it all. I was feeling the same way and planning my time and posting schedule changed my life, its become fun and easy again. So no, it doesn't sound overboard at all (to me anyways).
Mrs. Pancakes said…
The heels are fierce...blog does take some time allocation...can't wait to see all the new additions!
Simply Tasheena said…
You look amazing! Everything will work out with your blog! I look forward to seeing the changes.

Mrs. Delightful
Simply Tasheena said…
You look amazing! Love your shoes :), I know the feeling... everything will come together. I look forward to seeing the changes.

Mrs. Delightful
Coco said…
I like how you played with the polka dot print! You look super cute!Kisses Coco
Unknown said…
Looking gorgeous as usual.. dont stress about the blogging.. xx
love the polka dot clutch bag. firece
Unknown said…
I know you wanna get back to posting other things, but I love seeing your outfits! I look forward to seeing how you bring everything together perfectly! Love the dots!
Fashion Pad said…
Sure will, give me about 2 years ;-)
Fashion Pad said…
That is exactly what I'm talking about. We shouldn't get burned out....we love fashion!
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks for the advice woman :-)
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks....a schedule/calendar is exactly what I need to implement!
Fashion Pad said…
Awww....thanks so much. I'm in the planning stages now.