Outfit: Printed Trousers and Blazer

Greetings Fashionistas,

TGIF!!!!!!! I think I need to find some inner peace when it comes to my current job responsibilities or you're going to see that 'TGIF' every single Friday from here on out. I've taken on a different role due to a coworker leaving and another one passing away from this life to the next. I've always vowed to have a career where I wake up and feel good about my day. Lately, that has not been the case. But whatever, stress aside, the good Lord keeps blessing this woman so my goal is to take this in stride until the hiring freeze is lifted from my hospital. They're so worried about the impact of the healthcare act that they are tightening budgets left and right! I need all the administrators to breathe a huge sigh and kick back with some herbs chill out.

To celebrate this short break from my daily work stress, I'm going to go cheer my little nephew along at his soccer game this evening. Then I'm going to work on constructing some pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness with my mom and relax the remainder of the evening. Tomorrow, I will work on my breast cancer presentation (I'll share details with you all about that later) and kick it with the boo. What are you guys up to this weekend?

I went out for an early dinner last night and I pulled out these fabulous printed 'pajama' style pants I bought a few weeks back. With cooler temps on the rise (well, I hope they will be soon) I don't anticipate wearing these again for a while. 

I will always need to wear these pants with heels.....unless I hem them. But seriously, how often am I in flats anyways????

I chose to wear minimal accessories so the pants could be the focal point and not have to compete with flashy details.

Funny story. As the boo picks me up, he's like, "I thought we were going out to dinner?". I'm like, yea, what's wrong. And he says, "Well, why are you in your pajama pants?" O_O Ladies, and gents, you know I read him the riot act, LOL. Poor thing. Guys AND girls can be so clueless about freedom of expression through fashion. Geesh! But between me and you.....I can see his point *tee hee hee*

Earrings - Forever 21
Blazer - French Connection
Tank - Guess
Clutch - Barney's NY
Pants - Asos.com
Heels - Aldo

Have a safe and wonderful weekend :-)



Jeeda said…
I love it!! You styled the PJs;) perfectly...lol My husband has learned to zip it when it comes to my shoe and clothing choices...he just nod and be like "ok, let's go take these pics". You look fabu punkin!! Oh, and hang in there it'll get better at the gig...our good friend upstairs won't put more on you than you can handle;)...enjoy your weekend!
Joy Shana said…
Love the print pants,you look fab
Vanessa V. said…
I really felt in love with your pants! You look great!

I hope you will have fun with your nephew, that he will make you smile and enjoy the smile of a sweet kid :), that makes everything much better.
And look at those pants, I love them.
Unknown said…
Not the Riot Act though? LMBO. I love the pants and hope your job gets better chica!
Tomilola Vanna said…
You look beautiful! The pants are awesome! xx
Unknown said…
Those are some fierce pants girl. I love the way you styled this outfit. Super chic.

<3 Marina
Kerissa said…
I love the entire look. Those pants are fantastic. Wear them with sheer hosiery to keep you warm in the winter. Well depending on whet you are. I'm in South Fla so I won't be retiring anything.
I'm going to need a link to those pants ok... fabulous
Love it! You and your boo are too funny.

Elena said…
Just found your blog. Very nice pants dear!!

Hope you'll visit me and partecipate in the giveaway :D
Lots of kisses, Elena
Unknown said…
Great Post! Following you now..follow me if you like :)

Natalie Leung said…
I love those pants! what a great colour :)

Dana said…
What a totally FUN outfit!! LOVE!


Unknown said…
Simply fabulous and great pants! Please send them my way when you are done with them! ;) xoxox
LA Lynn's said…
Loving the pants they look sooo comfy!!!!

And, I completely understand about the whole work thingy!!!! I just try and NOT mention it on the blogosphere... LE SIGH!!!!

YoyosFashions said…
This is super cute!! I need those pants in my life!!