Outfit: Gold Peplum Top and Soiree Heels

Greetings Fashionistas,

Yaaayyyy it's Friday! I have a busy weekend but it's one that I'm totally looking forward to! Tonight, it's movie night with my family who will be in town to support me as I speak at a Breast Cancer Symposium. They're the best. Of course I will be talking about breast cancer, but more importantly, I will be discussing preventive measures to help reduce the risk. My really good friend and colleague envisioned this event and we pray that we will be able to make this an annual, free event for our community. So exciting!

Later on in the day, I'll be headed to a party for my lovely aunties. It's their birthday bash. I know I am going to have fun but I am telling you all that I am staying away from the food. These folks can't cook a bad meal. SMH Sunday, I will be conducting a donation drive for the Harbor House. This organization helps victims of domestic violence. October is not only breast cancer month, it's also domestic violence awareness month as well. It's time to get serious about all aspects of our health and encourage others as well.

Last night, the boo and I went to a pool hall. He's an excellent pool player and well, I just aim and shoot....no strategy whatsoever, lol. However, for the first time, I actually started to pay attention to his advice and you know what, I'm actually a natural. Who knew! LOL! I clearly have an upward training battle but we plan to go pool hustling soon so I got to get it together.....just kidding!

Love the bright gold color of this top. AND, I am really digging these heels that I stalked every shoe site on the world wide web until I found them in stock! No lie. You all should know how I am bout my shoes.

Oh yeah....it's still warm as heck here in the sunshine state. SMH

The lucite heel is the best non-stripper heel around!

Love the clear strap across the toe. Sexy!

Earrings - Burlington Coat Factory
Top/Jean shorts - Forever 21
Cuff - Random boutique in Honolulu
Handbag - Cole Haan
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell "Soiree" via Solestruck.com

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Blogoratti said…
Simple and effortless look. Nice!
Style4Curves said…
Gorgeous look and the shoes yes gawdddddddd
Sincerely Coco said…
you are looking hot!!love it

xoxo Kellz* said…
u loook hotttttttttttt:)
Ticka said…
You are doing some wonderful things in the community!! I hope nothing but the best for you and your friends to continue spreading uplifting, preventative, and positive messages out there.

Now on to this outfit bizness!! You played pool in those shorts, with THOSE legs, and those shoes!!??! Giiiiiirl, you doin it!! I really like this outfit. Very cute!

Lorraine said…
Such a cute outfit!! Love how you mixed the peplum top with shorts!! Super cute!

With Love,
Mai Musings said…
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Anonymous said…
I just wanted to let you know that I love and appreciate how active and vocal you are about your passions. Not many style bloggers show depth in their blogs like you. You're an inspiration. Take care.
Fashion Pad said…
Lmbo!!! At first I was a little leery but u know the boo egged me on, lol.

I love community service hun. It's my heart!
Fashion Pad said…
Awww.....thanks so much Mai. God has been so good to me and I feel obligated to give of my time and talents!
Unknown said…
Oh my god ur making me want to get a peplum top!! & those heels are so gorgeous.. xx
Ofure .O. said…
Georgeous..love it
Nominated u for a versatile blogger award..check it here on my blog :)
Unknown said…
Absolutely fabulous look doll and I'm loving those pumps!!! Looking fierce.

<3 Marina
Anonymous said…
J'adore !!! You look stunning :) xxxx

Tiny Micia
Unknown said…
Lovely...this is the first time I've ever seen clear heels that don't look stripper-ish!!!
Sincerely Mally said…
Love the peplum top hun!!!


P.S: Stop by to wish my blog its first anniversary!!!

Mitha Komala said…
awesome heels dear! you look so stunning! <3

Letters To Juliet
Unknown said…
Very cute outfit :)