Outfit: Classic Combo - Black, White, and Red

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I've had several of you inquire about my work outfits. I must admit that I'm not really ecstatic about them but every now and then I make a small effort to be "jazzy" at work. But as I've stated before, folks are like "Wow, why are you so dressed up?" or "How can you walk in those heels?". Seriously o_0 It's so super annoying so most of the time my work outfits are chic, but toned down a lot. I love mixing it up frequently with color and statement accessories, but usually I just stick to classic color combos like the outfit below.

I love the relaxed fit of this dress. I was pleasantly surprised when I finally wore it to work. One day, my laziness with trying on clothes is going to catch up to me...........

So maybe those earrings were a little too large for work......no one said anything but they sure were staring, lol.

Love these heels. They were in the wrong box so I assumed I had given them away. So happy I stumbled upon them!!!!!

Earrings - Street vendor
Necklace - Gift from friend
Dress - Ross
Belt - Express
Handbag - Furla
Heels - Jessica Simpson Collection



Blogoratti said…
Lovely dress and accessories. great look for work!
LA Lynn's said…
Hahaha... They starring because they wish they could be as FLY as you!!!! Looking good Sis!!!!

Vhutali said…
looking lovely. love your beautiful dress
Princie said…
Lovely dress...Well associated with burgundy!
AShley said…
Pretty dress mama :)

With Love,
Unknown said…
You look really pretty, great shoes!!!

Gurl my idea of toned down at work is slacks, flats, a shirt and very little accessories, your toned down is my dressing up........shoot I need to change that LOL!!!

Carsedra of:



Avantika said…
great outfit! By the way I gave you an award :)

Unknown said…
You look fantabulous girl!! And that's too funny about those shoes being in the wrong box.. uh you know that means you have too many shoes right.. but who am I to talk lol.. Have a wonderful Wednesday Lady!!

Style4Curves said…
Lovely combo u can never go wrong with black, white, and red.
Unknown said…
That's a good dress!
Unknown said…
I like the pattern of that dress, it compliments you and you wear it very nicely!
Unknown said…
Girl I feel you and it's the exact same reactions I get at work all the time and yes is very annoying.

You look fantastic and fab doll.

<3 Marina
This is one of my favorite combination, really beautiful and the earrings are perfect!!! You are perfect!
Candyce Nicole said…
Loving this!!! Looks great, hun!