Outfit: Canary Yellow and Black and White Print

Greetings Fashionistas,

Yaaayyyy.....we made it to Friday! I'm going to make the boo take me out for sushi and drinks! That sounds fab but I don't drink so I guess I'm frontin', lol. However, I do enjoy watching and hanging out with people who do love their wine/liquor. Folks are funny! I plan to keep my credit card in my purse this weekend because I'm still reeling from last weekend's damages, lol. See, this is what happens when you decide to clean out your closet and feel as if the extra space needs to be refilled........and I'm not even finished! SMH!

Well, now that fall is slowly ushering its way in down south, I am happily anticipating breaking out my boots. However, before the cold fronts push through, I decided to rock my bright yellow blazer again. I tried to ground the vibrant yellow with black accents but I still feel as if it looks like the height of summer, LOL. Let me know if I worked it out or not.

I had been passing over this skirt for a while now.....it looked so short, but then I realized I always like showing my legs so what the heck is the problem, lol.

Forgot about this clutch.....won't happen again!

Blazer - Zara
Tank - Nordstrom
Necklace/Ring/Bracelet - Forever 21
Clutch - Asos.com
Skirt - Forever 21 (I think)
Heels - Stuart Weitzman

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Ritcha Verma said…
You look gorgeous and the blazer is fab!

Kiwi..x said…
Great outfit, I may have to copy lol
Love the blazer

Vhutali said…
love how the yellow just works with the print.
That is a really beautiful blazer, I love the strong pop of color.
Joy Shana said…
Love that blazer color,Gorgeous look
Ofure .O. said…
Love ur blazer and clutch..very nice :) x
Marcela Gmd said…
Wow beautiful combination!!! you look so pretty!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥
Cuuuuuute! I love that yellow blazer. The color is so purty!
ari said…
Bomb! This outfit is perfection!
Unknown said…
Ok...give me your outfit, including the clutch...lol. I love the colors and that skirt is super cute.
Unknown said…
I love the colors! :) Might have to steal your outfit! Have a great weekend!

Dre said…
I love everything about this look! I love the yellow blazer paired with the skirt, the shoes, that GORGEOUS necklace, the spiked bracelet, and the clutch. I might have to rock a look like this soon, girl. Great styling!
Style4Curves said…
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeEE THIS!!!!!!
Bravoe Runway said…
You look great in yellow and that skirt? Fabulous!
Jeeda said…
I love this look for fall, winter, spring...ok you get the picture...lol You look fab!
Unknown said…
Loving your outfit :) Im always so jealous of how glamorous u look lol .. xx
you look fabulous! i love the black and white print with the yellow! absolutely wonderful :-)
Unknown said…
You look amazing and love this jacket...xoxoxo
Mrs. Pancakes said…
This whole outfit is super cute...the blazer is amazing!
- Kimbunnii - said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Umm can you mail that blazer to me, it will prob take two days to get to Orlando...thanks :)

Jacquelyn said…
I love your entire look here. From the bright lemon blazer and statement necklace to the full paisley skirt. Flawless (:


Tammy said…
this is such a cute look on you.. loving the pop of yellow