Wanted - Spiked Booties

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I love when I run across a shoe that just makes my heart skip a beat. Why on earth does fashion make me so melodramatic? I have no idea. But anyways, back to the shoe, I always look for stunning details, sexy classics, architectural shapes, etc. Basically, I look for a truly conversational piece when I go for the investment buy. Spikes and studs are heavily sought after by fashion followers but I don't care. Rocker chic is always going to be a fashion staple. Take a look at my current obsession below.

Giuseppe Zanotti 140mm Nappa Spiked Low Boots 
$1,739.00 www.luisaviaroma.com

Okay, that price is pretty steep. But hey, I was thinking about buying a Celine medium luggage tote and trust me, that bag costs several hundred more than this boot!

Check out that side profile....just gorgeous!

I'm sure one of the fast fashion retailers is just gonna create a knock off in a couple of months. But the original is just so.........original!

I had to create an instant outfit to see how these babies will look.

Spiked Ankle Boots

Religion Clothing , $81 / H&M quilted jacket, $49 / Giuseppe Zanotti studded heels / The Cambridge Satchel Company red satchel / Dorothy Perkins stud earrings / Girls' cowgirl roll-up jean short

Crazy Prints and Spiked Details

Milly pattern dress / Giuseppe Zanotti high heel booties / Stella McCartney clutch handbag, $710 / Mimco bezel jewelry, $63 / Christian Dior perfume, $72 / Sculptural Brass Tree Form Coffee Table Base at 1stdibs

Had to go with a casual, edgy look as well as a sophisticated look. No matter how classic the piece, those boots add some serious "kick ass" style. Love them!



Anonymous said…
Yes ma'am! These are hot but I can't pay that much! Need knock offs ASAP! I do love love love the outfits you created around them especially the first one!
Ruva said…
my heart skipped several beats!!! i needed cardio after seeing those shoes... unfortunately at that price they can only own them in my head #sigh#

Prisla Buah said…
wow those shoes are to die for
Oh, hello there hotties :)! Hey, I would be happy to share my life with you hahahaha.
Those boots are HAUTE! But yeah, I'm with you on waiting for another designer to get 'inspired' and make them.
Unknown said…
Cute shoes!!

Carsedra of:


Unknown said…
Definitely HOT!!! Guess you need to do some fundraisers!
Unknown said…
Drooling..Drooling..Drooling this shoe is badass!
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness doll those are fierce.

<3 Marina
Ag said…
The Guisseppe's have a jeffrey campbell feel to them. I love that Milly dress I HAD to click on the dress! You know I love prints!!!