Outfit: Lace Inserts and Psychedelic Print

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend. Funny thing happened to me on last Friday as I worked at CVS Pharmacy (I moonlight there every once in a while). A lady called me about 10 minutes before closing and asked me could I hold her prescription because she is running late. I was sure I misunderstood her so I said, "Do want to pick up your medication in the morning ma'am?". She said, "I was wanting you to wait a couple minutes after 10pm because it looks like I won't make it before you close."......0_0. I was shocked into silence. I said "Ma'am, we close at 10pm, I'm sorry." In my head I said, "Are you insane? I don't ask you to stay late at your job because I had 14 hours to get to your place of business and yet I still didn't make it!!!" Don't judge me people. I had a long, stressful day and I was working in the hood. Do you really think I wanted to stay later than I had to? I checked to see what medication she didn't pick up and it was some iron pills so you know I was pissed, LOL. Anyhew, some old "young" man made my day by telling me I would have been his lady back in the day, LMBO!!!

Loving my new dress from Asos. The lace inserts are sexy and understated. I took it out for a spin on Saturday for lunch with a friend.

I really wish my new neighbors would cut their grass! Times like this is when I start to rethink living in a neighborhood without a home owner's association (HOA).

I love any excuse to bring out this laptop case turned clutch. It's so colorful!

Earrings/Necklace - Forever 21
Dress - Asos.com
Clutch - Missoni for Target
Ring - Street vendor in NY (Soho)
Bracelets - Alexis Bittar (gift from friend)
Heels - Aldo



Unknown said…
Thanks for the comment hun :) & Im loving your dress.. stylish as always!.. x
Oh honey, your problems are so small, short grass. We have a HOA, in the building were we live, but my neighbors can't even through their own garbage in the bin, they do it on the window. And we live in the center of the capital hahaha. Nice, ha?
Joy Shana said…
Stunning loo, love your shoes
Vhutali said…
love the lil pop of lace. beautiful dress.
love the heels !!!!!!!!!!
greetings from paris
Unknown said…
You are too funny... So did u wait haha...

I'm loving those nude and clear shoes! You look flirty and cute!
Unknown said…
You look amazing and in love with your dress! Great shoes and love the clutch!
Style4Curves said…
That dress is too cute!
Sincerely Coco said…
i love this dress lady!!!

Ticka said…
Gurl, no judgement here. You know folks get beside themselves sometimes. The customer is NOT always right! I am cracking up at the dude who said you would have been his girl!! LOL!!

That dress is too cute!! I was thinking about buying a laptop case and using it as a clutch. I was hesitant, but now I think I will. I love it!
Unknown said…
Oh, that dress is so cute, did they have it in other colors?
Ofure .O. said…
killer shoes ..love it :)
Unknown said…
Love that dress and those shoes Chica!!!

Carsedra of:


Beautiful color on you!

Love the whole outfit!By the way, I got the clutch/laptop case idea from you. Omg! What a wonderful idea. I use one for my bible and the other a weekend clutch. My bff was like, OMG I am loving that I idea. I gave all props to you!

Luv the entire look and it looks super fab on you!
StylishByNature said…
Such a beautiful dress !! You look so chic :) Kisses

New post up....
❤ StylishByNature.com
Unknown said…
The dress is fierce and oh so chic on you doll.

<3 Marina
Tammy said…
Loving this whole look. The dress is Fab and i am loving the color. There is nothing wrong with carrying that computer case as a clutch. I do it often, lol
Unknown said…
She is a hot stanky mess for that. I LOVE the color!