Outfit: Career Day in Eclectic Pumps

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! Thank goodness this work week has come to an end. I'm over it!!!! But I will probably have to deal with the same volume of stuff next week so let me just chill out. Anyways, I have a planned a relaxing weekend and it involves getting reacquainted with my bed....I've been neglecting it lately. I also have to catch up on all your lovely blogs. I hate not being able to comment back so readily but I am glad you guys still show me love :-) Now let me share pics I took of what I wore to work yesterday for a presentation. I think I distracted the women with my heels so next time I will be more subdued with my color choices, LOL.

These heels are super bright in person! I love them but my main critique is that I've worn them three times and now they are slightly too big. How does that happen? I haven't lost any weight or anything....trust.

Woman on a mission.......to take the perfect "strut" photo that is, lol. Now I gotta work on my fierce facials,  lmbo!

This blazer feels like a super thin dress shirt. It's perfect for hot and humid days.

Earrings - Boutique in Puerto Rico
Necklace - gift from friend
Blazer - Macy's
Rings - Street vendor in NY (Soho)
Dress/Clutch - Forever 21
Heels - Zara

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Unknown said…
You look great Ms. Lady, I am loving the jacket and especially those Zara heels. I kept thinking earlier in the summer I wanted a pair, but never got them, so I missed out on those!! :-(

Carsedra of:


A Haute Mommy said…
Classy look. I love those blue heels.
she.is.the.one said…
Wonderful post dear :))
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Ofure .O. said…
very chic..luv ur shoes :)
Unknown said…
Love it, the shoes are a great fun pop of color! I wouldn't have changed a thing... But don't you hate when shoes lose their original size and fitting.., ugh.. But you rocked this look from head to toe :)

You are one elegant woman, I love the electric blue.
Sazi Efionayi said…
the shoes are so cute,love the color and you look pretty

Ticka said…
Very nice!! There are some people who frown upon wearing shoes with personality in a professional setting. I am NOT one of them!! You wear those shoes! I love the color.

Here's to you getting the rest that you deserve this weekend. *raises glass*
Mrs. Pancakes said…
Love the blue With the grey...very nice!!
Princie said…
Change nothing, your heels are great. That's an elegant outfit.
Unknown said…
You look stunning!! Those shoes are so gorgeous :) You always look so dressed up (in a good way, im not bothered).. xx
Jeeda said…
Fab look! You already know I'm lusting over the shoes!!
Vhutali said…
beautiful dress. lovely ensemble and the shoes are just wow....
Hope this week is much better for you! Your jacket and heels are fabulous. xx