Outfit: Animal Print Dress

Greetings Fashionistas,

TGIF!!! Today is going to be a long work day but I don't care because I'm off tomorrow and Sunday and I plan to have some fun. Now, what "fun" I will be doing, I have no idea at this point, LOL. But trust I will find something to get into ;-)

Look at me wearing a print! Well glory be, who would have thought I would be actively looking for prints to add to my wardrobe. This is what blogging does for you! LOL!

I literally can only put my license, credit card, pack of gum, and lip gloss in this clutch. I don't like bags like this. No room for cell phone or camera.......blasphemy!!!

So those pole dancing classes are giving me unwanted bruises. Look at that mean one behind my knee! Good grief! The only consolation I have is that I'm getting an awesome workout AND I am learning some amazing tricks! Just let this day job not work out...........LMBO!

Still too hot in Florida to add a blazer or any other layering piece......I would have died from heat stroke guys so just work with me for now.

Tried the Shellac nail polish......hopefully it will last about 2 weeks or so.

Look at that leaf tagging alone for a photo op! LOL. I really like these simple pumps. They fit well and are comfortable. Should have bought the other pair in tan as well.

See how I have to hold my cell phone in my hand? That is so not acceptable. I'm going to see if my niece wants this clutch.

Earrings - Forever 21
Dress - Zara
Belt - Ann Taylor
Clutch - Forever 21 (old)
Bracelets - Diesel (top), F21 (bottom)
Rings - F21
Heels - Aldo

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!



Yeah, no phone is had policy :). Still, I can forgive you if will send me some of your accessories.
Unknown said…
You look really pretty, I really like those shoes!!!!

So you have tried the Shellac nails too, I want to see how you like or dislike them after 2 weeks, because I have been wanting to try them since I heard about them a while back!!!

Carsedra of:



Ticka said…
Go'head now!! I'm just gonna go on and say it. You are givin it to us in this pics! I love this dress!! Too cute!

I can't stand clutches that don't have room for all my necessities either. Especially my camera! It's a must at all times.
Unknown said…
Beautiful doll I love this dress and those heels are gorgeous.

<3 Marina
Style4Curves said…
love the printed dress and simple pumps!
Ashley Savage said…
The color of your shellac is everything! I've been hesitant about trying since I've heard how they can damage nails please update on how long they last.
You look gorgeous my dear!! Luv the dress, shoes,clutch, arm candy, and nail!! Gotta luv a girl who can work a great print!!
You look amazing! The dress is so fun and the nails and jewelry are nice touches.
Jeeda said…
You keep me laughing...love it! You look fab girly!
Sazi Efionayi said…
very cute
Mrs. Pancakes said…
The shoes are super flirty!!
Unknown said…
I love that dress on you!! Why were you afraid of prints girl?! Lol. Shea butter and cocoa butter lotion will help that bruise disappear in no time.