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Greetings Fashion Friends,

I get so caught up in my love for all things fashion that I forget to invest in more basics for work, church, or evening soirees (well actually I like to dress in something new every single time I go out so maybe I shouldn't invest too much ;-)) But seriously, I've been meaning to get another pair of black pumps and brown pumps for a while. I did a little shopping the other day and STILL did not accomplish my goal. Why am I so easily side tracked???? Check out two additions to my shoe closet below from

At least part of the shoe is black.....yea I know, I'm reaching!

Well I'm proud to say I at least purchased a brown heel.....but I was still looking for a more basic pump. I don't think I'll be wearing these to work.

My favorite part of the pump is the back. I love the two-toned heel and the floral design at the back of the pump. HOT!

I clearly was sold on the wedge and multi strap design.

The color block design is on trend and makes a serious statement in my opinion.

The best thing about the above two heels.....they cost me less than $30 total. SWEET!!!!

So what do you think?



Ok, the wedges are hot, so so hot!!!
Sazi Efionayi said…
i can see myself in these shoes...cute
Ashley said…
Cute shoes!!! I really love the Beige and gold ones :)

With Love,
Joy Shana said…
Stunning shoes
Unknown said…
Very cute, I really like that heel with the feather like design in the back and the gold heel!!!

Carsedra of:

Nancie said…
that red and black wedge is too hot!
Me quedo con los marrones, son maravillosos.
Un beso.
Stanique said…
GOsh the wedges are to die for! love the detail of the brown heels tho...

Practically Coffee
Unknown said…
WOW!!! I opened this just before leaving the office for the day...I called my co-worker over and we were about to lose our jobs for our outbursts about these shoes. The drive home will be pleasant now...THANK YOU!
Ticka said…
YES to the shoes )the black one especially) and DOUBLE YES to the price!! Love!!
Skinny said…
Love the red accent and gold heels
Tammy said…
Those wedges are too cute. It's a must have in my closet
Jeanae' said…
The black lazer cut heels are SEXY! i love them!
LA Lynn's said…
I'm in LOVE!!!!!

Anonymous said…
Nice post.