Patiently Waiting......

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I just bought a similar dress like this lovely number below. The difference is that the one I purchased is royal blue and the mesh insert is super deep (v neck design as well). I can not WAIT til it gets here. I don't know where it's going to get worn....but that sucker may end up at the grocery store for all I care. I love the skater skirt trend because it's super girly and extremely flattering. You all may refer to it as a trend but I don't want no shade thrown my way when I'm rocking these silhouettes 5 years from now, LOL.

What style heels would you all pair with this dress? I'm thinking peep toe pumps but I would love to hear from my fellow fashion dolls and dudes :-)



oomph. said…
Oh,, the waiting. That's the only thing I hate about online shopping. I need instant gratification! Hope it comes soon!

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Arr said…
Perhaps I'm totally off beat, but those black designer sneaker wedges could totally rock this out for a fun weekend look. You're in FL, go for it!!!
Style4Curves said…
I would rock it with spiked shoes!
Amazing dress !
Totally my style !
Que vestido tan bonito.
Anastasia said…
Silver glittery heels!That would be the perfect much :)

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Unknown said…
OH my goodness doll that dress is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see pics!

PS. Sorry I been MIA but definitely coming back and visiting my friends blogs.

<3 Marina
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i would do either a peep toe, super high platform, or spiked heels. You need something fierce, not dainty.