Outfit: Silk Layers

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I so hate it when I'm unable to post on my blog. I honestly feel that this fashion outlet has saved me thousands!!! Before this blog, I used to just buy random garments, shoes, and jewelry without much thought for my personal style or the quality of the product. Now, I still shop like I'm training for the Olympics, but I promise you I'm waaaayyyyy more selective and I have learned that the trends are to be strictly reserved for fast fashion stores (i.e. Asos, Forever 21). I also no longer feel down if I leave the mall without a shopping bag full of goodies (don't ask). I state all this because it occurred to me on yesterday while I was online adding items to my various shopping carts that my blog really has done exactly what I wanted it to do for me. I know there are plenty of opportunities to monetize my blog and establish a site for sponsors to flock to......but I just don't have the time. My passion for fashion is purely in its appreciation phase. I love the blogosphere, but it's sad to see some folk lose themselves chasing popularity, status, and money. In some cases, integrity is all we have.

This past Sunday, I pulled out a silky garment for church. While I really like the dress, it was way more work preparing it for public entry than it was worth! It could be because I don't own any slips....I mean, where on earth do you find a slip??? I haven't worn one since middle school. SMH Regardless, I was able to throw something together to wear beneath it's transparent layers.

These shoes........at least a 3/4 size larger ( I swear) than what I normally wear.....but they have my correct size labeled on the sole. Such a shame!

Thank goodness I test most of my heels at church.....boots and inappropriate heels for church get tested at the grocery store. They were emulating a pair of flip flops!

I wish I could have captured the detail of this dress but I couldn't get my photographer and the sun on the same page, LOL. The dress is clearly transparent but I layered a black cami and a black body con mini skirt beneath it for my "slip".

Necklace - Bloomingdale's
Dress - Zara
Ring - Forever 21
Handbag - Cole Haan
Heels - gift from sister



Simply Tasheena said…
Cute dress!

Mrs. Delightful
Arr said…
Such a cute black dress. Preparing silk is such a difficult task and you're right, without a slip in warm climates causes many many problems. Finding a slip is a huge challenge. PS. I don't like slips but you can't tell my granny that they aren't the greatest ever.
Dana said…
I remember my Mom trying to get me to wear slips under my dresses... WOW! I just had a revelation! Just now! I guess that's why I was so anti-dresses for so long - the dreaded slip! hahaha
You look wonderful as always and yes, I agree, it's a shame those gorgeous shoes don't fit better!
Have a great Wednesday my dear!


Unknown said…
You look so pretty, love the dress and shoes!! The slips I do have I got from my mom, so I haven't had to buy one!! LOL

Carsedra of:


Mrs. Pancakes said…
The heels are sexy...
Unknown said…
Looking fabulous and super chic doll. Love it

<3 Marina
CAL said…
I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award!!!

xo, CAL
notanymore said…
Shoes really vary. Not only from manufacturer to manufacturer, but from style to style, and even batch to batch. I wear a variety of sizes, both men's and women's, because I simply cannot rely on any number to reflect reality.

Which is why I do not order shoes online unless I already own the shoes in question.
Jeeda said…
Lovin' those shoes and your new take on the slip!!