70s Party Recap

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I realized yesterday, as I was blindly driving home from work early with a migraine the size of Rhode Island that I need to slow down. But how to do that? I've committed myself to too many projects so now I have to unwind the chains that I've placed around my psyche and hope to heck I am able to gracefully bow out of some of my contracts. I hate to quit anything but apparently my body is screaming at me to take a couple of seats! Work is super stressful and while there's nothing major I can do about that, I will be advocating for a change in pace. Thank goodness I have administration on my side. It pays to establish a professionally competent, yet personable relationship with your superiors.....trust. I know I keep talking about slowing down but I have yet to actually do it right? Okay Nike, I hear you......just do it!

I wanted to share pictures from the last night of our family reunion with you all. We had a banquet and the theme was the 1970s. I loved how every one embraced the theme....even those who didn't dress up where so excited to be apart of the event. It was a successful end to a fab weekend.

*WARNING - Picture heavy post*

The lovely Farrah Fawcett was my 70s inspiration look. Bell bottoms, checkered button down shirts, and long flowy locks were apart of her signature style.

My pants were too big but the bell bottoms were huge and exactly what I wanted for my look.

Only these wedge-less heels kept my pants from dragging on the floor.

I added the hat to this look because I didn't have time to do my hair like Farrah's. You know which style I'm talking about right? The infamous Charlie's Angels feathered style!

The space we rented was huge so we had to condense our set up to half the room. It worked out well and the fact that the facility had color lights and a disco ball was such a plus!

Food was catered. We decided on barbeque and it was a good and tasty decision, lol.

My grandmother was cutting a step during our family's Soul Train line. Shout out to Don Cornelius, may he rest in peace!

My cousin just knew he was Jimi Hendrix reincarnated, LMBO!

We had two fog machines to give us that 70s vibe on the dance floor. That's why this photo is a little hazy.

My niece wanted a long black wig so she could be like Cher. I told her this Elvira wig was the best I could do on such short notice, LOL.

Me and my bff......she's basically family so of course she was part of the party! She helped save the night by running some much needed errands I simply forgot to do. Thanks friend!

All in all it was a grand occasion and I enjoyed myself immensely. Me, my sister, and my best friend danced the entire night. Which reminds me, bell bottoms are hot as hell!!! How did they wear them all the time? I wanted to rip mine off like the Incredible Hulk half way through the banquet! But I'm a trooper.....I kept my look together while feeling like a furnace was on in my pant legs, LOL.



Nancie said…
looking good, awesome photos...I try not to take on too much just what I can handle...
Ofure .O. said…
Awww..Lovely outfit...I love the way you paired the boyfriend jeans..Beautiful :) x
Style4Curves said…
sooooooo cute I want to have a 70s party so bad!!!!!!!
Joy Shana said…
You look gorgeous, love all the photos looks like you all had fun:)
Awww, seems like such a good night. You look fantastic. love your flares!!

Skinny said…
Sometimes we all need a little break- loving your wide legs and plaid shirt!!
Unknown said…
I love those pants
You totally did Farrah justice! Luv your look and it looked like you had a GREAT time with your family!!! Fab all around!
Unknown said…
What a fun party and you look amazing. Love your jeans and shoes, super cute xoxox
LA Lynn's said…
Look like so much fun!!!!! Everyone looks great!

Fashion Pad said…
That's my half year resolution...
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks so much! This was a fab family reunion!!!
Fashion Pad said…
Ain't that the truth! Thank you!
I love flair pants they look so good especially with that shirt. I need to borrow those shoes when you are done with them.
Unknown said…
um I need those pants in my life!!! and those shoes..... did i miss where you got these pieces?