Vacation Recap: Tybee Island

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday folks!!! I forgot all about these pics I selected to post on my annual family vacation. This year, the matriarch of our family (my maternal grandmother) decided that she would attend if our destination could be reached by car. You should have heard the whining from the kids, LOL. They were expecting to travel by plane or cruise ship this year. I told them the reason for our trips is to unite the family, not rack up frequent flier miles. They also quieted down when I told them they could stay home. So, I looked for a unique location that would be relaxing for the adults, fun for the kids, and within 4-5 hrs from home because I refuse to sit in a car any longer than that! We discovered that Tybee Island had a lot to offer at a super reasonable price so we chose the tiny island as our family vacay. It actually sits on the east coast, just 20 minutes from Savannah, Georgia and took us just 4.5 hours to get there by car. SWEET!

Here's a mini recap of our week long vacation stay :-) Oh yea......*Warning - Picture Heavy Post*

Vacations homes are very affordable in Tybee Island.

The kids were the only ones to test drive the jacuzzi.

Sitting on top of the roof enjoying the dry weather.....Seems that the tropical storm brought in a chilly front for about 2 days. Also, I am definitely wearing shorts.....I swear this camera is a little weird sometimes.

Mom and little cousin enjoying the beach....

My her

I have no idea what my brother is doing....LOL!

The babies were cold so I bundled them right on up.

Sandcastle or __________ 

The boys were supa tired.....

My auntie's sarong is too cute :-)

My grandmother is so fly!!!!

You guys should expect cutouts from here until  the start of winter, LOL.\

 Beautiful sunset.....

My nephew and his mother (my sister)

Getting ready to get up out of Tybee.......

We had such a good time we are considering heading back again next year :o

I hope you all enjoyed my pics!



You have an amazing family, amazing, and your grandmother rocks!!!
Joy Shana said…
nice house,cute family:)
A Haute Mommy said…
You went to Tybee Island! That's great. I've been wanting to go and I should be ashamed because it's only an hour away from me. I think I will pack up the kids and go for a few days before the summer is over.
Nancie said…
awesome photos, family vacay's are usually so much fun.xx
Such an amazing family !
I love your yellow top !
thanks for sharing your wonderful photos of your vacation with us!

It’s a GIRL Thing
xoxo Kellz* said…
Yay for cut outs lol
Unknown said…
You look great girlie !! I am loving all the pictures and your family looks amazing!M
Unknown said…
I live (all my life) in Georgia and have never been to Tybee Island, Savannah yes, St Simons yes and even Jekell Island, but not to Tybee Island. It looks very nice, need to take family trip there one weekend!!! It's only a couple hours drive from where I stay so it would be a nice weekend get away.

Carsedra of:
Ritah Nakyeyune said…
Amazing Indeed.That place looks wow.
Beauty or Swaag said…
ahh , jealousss loll.
Mrs. Pancakes said…
i LOVe how family oriented you are...i so need to do this with my family on the regular!
LA Lynn's said…
Family FUN in the SUN!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the photos thanks for sharing!