Outfit: Tangerine Cutout Dress

Greetings Fashionistas,

TGIF! I'm super tired this morning so I'm going to get right into the post. I rocked a really simple look for the  4th of July. I just kicked it with the boo, went shopping (whoo hoo), and saw The Amazing Spiderman. The movie was alright. Not bad, not great.....just okay. I guess I had high expectations. Oh well. Anyhew, my day was really good and I can't really complain at all. God is awesome!

I swear I ironed the bottom of this dress.....SMH.

So in love with cutouts right now. They're my "of the moment" trend, LOL.

Earrings - Street vendor
Dresss - Asos.com
Clutch - Forever 21
Rings - Street vendor
Wedge heels - Fergie via Nordstrom

Have a great weekend folks!



You look so cute, and I know what you mean about about ironing :), the clothes always look like wright out of the washing machine.
You look great and the dress is super fab!!
Joy Shana said…
love that dress you look gorgeous
Unknown said…
That dress is too cute and the wedges are perfect for it!!!

Carsedra of:


Arr said…
I'm really digging the shoes. I love the square back.

Some materials are just a bear to iron. Grrr..

You look great.
Ashley said…
Such a cute dress!! I need to go pick up a cut out dress! I'm missing out :(

Princie said…
Beautiful dress, love it! And you're gorgeous in it!
Fashion Pad said…
Yes boo. It is such a classy way to reveal a little skin ;-)
Fashion Pad said…
You're the only person who's notice the square back of those wedges. They're the reason I had to have them!
KC said…
This dress is everything! I can see it being styled several ways (blazer and bright, colorful pumps...cardigan, belt, and flats)...and of course, you are wearing the heck out of it!
Sazi Efionayi said…
i love the back cut,sexy......

Emily said…
You look seriously hot! That dress is GORGEOUS. I'm crazy about cut-outs, particularly in the back. I'm glad you had a pleasant fourth of July!

May the force be with you.
Allison said…
Such a pretty red dress!!

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That back out takes the dress from a 10 to a 15!

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Confessions Of A City Girl
oh yeah, i also like the the cut-out on the back side of that dress, too!

It’s a GIRL Thing
Dana said…
Stop with the ironing obsession! You look gorgeous, pretty and damn perfect! So there!

Sorry I have been missing out on commenting... check out my latest post to explain my whereabouts...




Monroe Steele said…
love this dress. the color looks amazing on you. nice shoes too. great post. hope you will visit me soon darling.


Fashion Steele NYC
such a pretty dress! love those wedges!

do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know!
see you around!

Ticka said…
I love the cut outs on you!! This dress is too cute! Love the shoes of course!
Frank Vinyl said…
love the color of this dress on your skin. Pops beautifully
Jeeda said…
Lovin the color and the back of this dress, lookin' good!
Marise said…
This is such a cute and quirky look! I love the shape of that dress, it looks gorgeous on you :)
Unknown said…
Sooo sweet :) Great blog... Can't believe I wasnt following you earlier. I'm now a follower :) xxxx
You look amazing!!!!!!!
Beautiful color!!!!!!
Erin said…
gorgeous gorgeous cut out-the back is soo perfect!


Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/
Mrs. Pancakes said…
Seriously you make
Fashion too fun!
Unknown said…
Now, that's how you rock a cut out... You look so sexy and classy - love it!