Outfit: Shrunken Vest and High Low Dress

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday! I'm headed in to work for a couple of meetings then I'm leaving. I still have a few more errands to run for my reunion. I figure I will be running til Sunday so I'm heading out relaxed but stylish. Yesterday was the perfect example of my "running attire" as I got home, changed clothes and headed right back out. It was a lazy hair day so I pulled out my handy dandy fedora to accompany me.

Although my fedora appears green in these photos, it's brown I assure you.

I've been looking for a chain necklace since my homegirl Brandye stole the one we spotted in Goodwill right from under my nose, LOL. She had better be glad she lives in another state or it would be on!

It's nice to know that I'm fashion forward sometimes. I had this high low hem dress over 3 years and I've rocked it on this blog several times....too much trouble trying to find you guys a link....just trust me.

Fedora - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - Forever 21
Vest - Macy's
Dress - Wet Seal
Laptop Case as Clutch - Missoni for Target
Sandals - Random boutique in Harlem, NY

Have a great weekend folks!


Sparkle said…
that dress is so gorgeous!
enjoy in weekend dear :)

So cool, I love the whole combination girl, the vest is the perfect touch and those sandals, I want them, I want them :).
LA Lynn's said…
Hey, Hey now chica! I love the Fedora with the high & low dress! Even if it was brown; I would still love it! LOL!

U rocked this look!

Have a wonderful weekend!

oh, cool! i like that purple dress!

It’s a GIRL Thing
KC said…
Super-duper cute, hon! Love the laptop case-turned-clutch!
Lovely outfit!!! You look great, the color of your dress is amazing on you. I have a red hi-lo dress. I might have to do and inspiration post on this outfit!!!

Jeeda said…
I like!!! Comfy fab perfect for running errands...
Anonymous said…
I love the shots where you are not looking at the camera! So cool! Yeah your hat looks green! Weird how the light did that
Dre said…
Loving the hi-lo dress, girl! And the chain necklace is too cute!
Ticka said…
Very cute look!! I love the addition of the denim vest! That purple looks great against your skin!

I recently found one at Forever 21, and you will be seeing it on ye old blog soon, and again, and again! =D
Lydia said…
that color is absolutely gorgeous!! love how you paired it with your jeans sleeveless jacket
Diana Marks said…
love the jeans vest ;)
Please support my up and coming blog about life and fashion in Los Angeles by following it on Bloglovin ;) I can follow you back if you want ;)

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Tavia Mac said…
Love love love this look hun! You look fabulous! This whole look speaks to me!