Outfit: Pastel and Neon

Greetings Fashionistas,

TGIF!!!!!! I'm so ready to relax at home and kick my feet up it's not even funny. Work is stressful, personal life is full of tasks and projects. I'm embarrassed to even tell you all the last time I had a mani/pedi. I have not done anything exclusively for myself (besides shopping) in quite a hot minute. I want to plan a weekend getaway for myself but I'm a tad bit apprehensive. Don't get me wrong, I've traveled by myself before, but it was for business and I was there for a specific purpose so my mind could never dwell on the fact that I had no immediate access to family and friends. But I think I'm going to book a trip soon. Not too far....it's pretty dangerous out here and I pray to God I never place myself in a position to have my family mourning before my time. So what do you all think? Any suggestions for a great place to go for relaxation? Your assistance is greatly appreciated, lol ;-)

I went out for sushi a couple of days ago and I just had to wear my neon and tan heels. So I just built a simple outfit around them. Let me know what you think.

Had to take out several new items for a spin. My necklace, clutch, and heels are being broken in, lol.

The clutch has a chain so I can wear it on my shoulder or carry it the traditional way. SWEET!

These heels lit up the night. That neon lining is serious folks! Love it!

This clutch holds a lot of items and of course you all know that I carry everything in my bag including the kitchen sink ;-)

Necklace/Blazer - Forever 21
Tank - Gap
Shorts - Random boutique
Clutch/Heels - Aldo



Dana said…
Love the shorts outfit paired with that cute blazer! Chic and pretty!
Yea! You gotta be on the lookout when you travel alone! It's true that when you travel for work you kinda have a different mindset maybe better said, a set mind that you're there for business and your mind is busy thinking of business whereas alone your mind starts to conjure up images... Sad really! But be careful! Let people know where you are and check in with them! Have fun!


Nancie said…
looking good, those shoes add colour to the outfit with no effort, they are literally glowing.
At fist, I was, where is the neon girl, but now I see, those hot sandals you just got a few weeks ago, so so hot!
Arr said…
I like the pairing of a soft pastel and neon. Cute! The clutch is grand.

I've traveled alone a lot. I actually prefer it. I would say stay on the beaten path, note your landmarks, and enjoy.
Jess said…
nice look! love the shoes and bag :D
issatchieu said…
YEAH to TGIF!! Go wild on ur weekends ;)
Pretty pink blazer! Great ensemble.
Sazi Efionayi said…
now thinking out loud,i don't av anything like dis shoe in my wardrobe,new assignment(hunt for it).....u look totally rocky in da heels babez.
Queen Treasure said…
great look ear<3
btw maybe we can fllw each other?
ylenia said…
Nice heels, so fluo ;)
and nice blog you have here....do we follow each other?
Also, I hope you will enter the competition to become the Fashion Muse of Forerunner2 magazine, learn more on my blog by clicking here!
Sincerely Coco said…
looove this look!!i love the blazer and shorts combo!!I would prolly burn up where I live wearing that tho lol

Beauty or Swaag said…
gorgeous as alwayss ! i love those heels girl !
Mrs. Pancakes said…
So chic...the blazer is soo pretty and feminine and i love the contract with the jeans!
Candyce Nicole said…
Those shoes are hawt! Great look!!
Clara Turbay said…
I always find the best ideas in your blog so i come often.
Unknown said…
You look very cute, loving the neon shoes!!!

Carsedra of:


immerlight said…
Amazing outfit! Loe your jacket!
LV said…
I love your outfit! cute colors and you know I love blazers. I can see where you are coming from, I have only traveled long distances alone for business trips, but I do fun getaways that are not too far away like places it takes a few hours to get too in my car. For me, those would be Santa Barbra, or Vegas. I recently celebrated my birthday with a mini getaway. It was relaxing and refreshing. I posted about it recently.

Great style !
I love your blazer and clutch bag !
Emily said…
I ADORE neon shoes! But yours are especially cool because of the neon piping around the otherwise neutral shoe. The blazer is gorgeous too, in the perfect shade of powder pink! You look adorable. (:

May the force be with you.
Tammy said…
I see some shoes that i like and want... i gotta make my way up to FL soon
LA Lynn's said…
Yassss... this look is HAUTE!

Neon + Pastels = PERFECTION!