Outfit: Blue and Yellow Romper

Greetings Fashion Divas,

On Friday, we had our first social event for my family reunion. It was located at one of our local parks and recreations facilities and it was fun, fun, fun! Of course, this was after I got extremely irritated at having to run around again before and at the beginning of the event. It's just challenging for some people to complete their responsibilities. But then again, we all get like that at some point in time. Nevertheless, we had a glorious, hot, and sweaty day, lol.

We decided to forgo the usual t-shirt for our family reunion and we went with "themes" for each event. On Friday, there was a color theme....blue and yellow.

I found this romper on Asos.com for only $13 bucks......SWEET!

I invited my fellow fashion lover Eric out to our event because the family loves him and I couldn't leave him out. As you can see above and below, I happily stole his umbrella for some quick photos. 

I'm glad I had on this romper because it was soooooo hot and humid out there. I immediately started sweating as soon as I got out of my car. SMH

The ever stylish Eric......

Loving his entire look!!!!


Earrings - Street vendor
Necklace - Forever 21
Romper - Asos.com
Oxford shoes - GoJane.com



I have only one romper, I think I should get one more :), this is a really cool look.
And how could not love Eric, he is so cool :).
Ashley said…
Arent you cute!! I love your pictures. Your romper is too cute and I love that umbrella :)

Joy Shana said…
Looks like you had fun
Cecile said…
you look super cute!
and damn girl you can jump!
Super cute, fun and chic!
Ticka said…
Gurl, you got some hops!! LOVE that last picture! You and Eric have great chemistry and are working that camera!!

Very cute romper! I guess I was late to the romper party because I can't find any that I like =(
Diana Marks said…
pretty dress!
Please support my up and coming blog about life and fashion in Los Angeles by following it on Bloglovin ;) I will follow back ;)

LA By Diana Live Magazine
Anonymous said…
I am a huge fan of rompers and you pull them off well! you and your friend are cute! Love his hat!
I love a romper. You look great in yours.

Unknown said…
Cute little romper!!

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