Outfit: Blazer and Cheesecloth

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend folks! July is well underway and I'm getting super anxious because I have 2 weeks left before my family reunion, which I'm chairing this year. It's the first one we've had in Orlando and I am in charge....YIKES! Thank goodness my family is really encouraging and very supportive because this right here is a year in the making...literally. FYI, if you're thinking about being the chair for your family reunion, it's also a bit expensive. I know I will get the majority of my money back but the key word is majority, lol. When the event is over, I expect to be a little less stressed but then I'll get right back to my other projects (I'm an Aries).

Yesterday at church, I really wanted to wear a breezy sundress because it was so dang HOT! However, I didn't want any side eyes from the other ladies, especially the elderly, so I threw on a blazer as well. Maannnnnn......I should have chosen a linen blazer.

The humidity was causing my hair to frizz and me to sweat......ewww.

I love this bag but in some photos it reminds me of Stretch Armstrong.....I guess I should have took out my bible and journal. I should have sculpted arms from carrying all this weight in my bag.

This is the breezy dress I could not possibly wear without a cardi, blazer, or scarf to church.

I bought this dress because of the bodice. The little details always win me over!

Earrings - gift from mom
Blazer - Zara
Dress - Asos.com
Belt - Express
Rings - Forever 21, Urbanog.com
Heels - Report Signature



That dress is amazing, I love the color, and the top part, so sexy!
Dana said…
Yup! I see what you mean about wearing a blazer with this dress to church! The little old ladies would've had a conniption seeing your shoulders all naked!!! hahaha
But you look gorgeous either way! LOVE those Report sandals; so chic and edgy!
BTW... a friend of mine gave me a tip for my droopy LV: place the bottom tab from a shopping bag (cut to size) on the inside to keep the shape! Works for me!
Have a great Monday and good luck with planning your family reunion! How FUN!


LA Lynn's said…
Yup, loving this look from head to toe! I like the fact that the dress can be versatile & it's not too churchy! That way you can wear it when you are hanging out with friends... Such a fun fit!
Style4Curves said…
love thsi entire look!
Tavia Mac said…
Love love it, lady! The dress is super feminine! I love how you made it church appropriate with the blazer. And let us not talk about the SHOES!!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said…
The complete Combo works!!! And you look beautiful as always! I'm Sure your family reunion will be the best one yet!
LV said…
very cute dress and I love how it looks with the blazer! So you are trying to plan a reunion...girl that is stressful. I have done that before.
Unknown said…
Very cute as always Ma'am!!! And I won't comment on needing those shoes......wait I just did, LOL!!!

Carsedra of:


Wow! You've got a big task on your hands planning the reunion but I'm sure it'll be great! Love the dress and yeah I would've paired it with a blazer too to keep everyone relaxed! lol
Girl, you know the mothers of the church would have gotten you! lol
I know how you feel because sometimes I think twice when I wear certain things to church. lol
Love the dress. I have the same bag but the light color.

Unknown said…
Little details are what counts sometimes - love the details on the dress, and besides the blazer being perfect for church, love how the color pops against the dress. Want those sandals (Bisola) ;)

Simply Tasheena said…
Your dress looks so comfy.

Mrs. Delightful
Beauty or Swaag said…
you look gorgeous :) i love your dress !
Sazi Efionayi said…
am lost in love with the shoesssssssssssss....hawt shoes

Megha Sarin said…
I love the bag and your dress! Lovely <3

Tanya said…
Gorgeous dress and heels!

Unknown said…
Very nice outfit!