New Additions: Mirror Mirror

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I apologize for the lack of cyber interaction this week but hopefully next week will be better. I'm definitely gonna be laying low for a hot minute til I rebuild my energy stores. But of course, I'm never too fatigued for fashion! Check out my new additions below.

These heels are even more lovely in person. It appears as if they have little tiny mirrors all over them but, it's hard to describe, they appear to have shiny pieces of fabric. It's a neat reason.

They are a smidgen too big, however, thank goodness for heel tabs.....they are now the perfect fit!

Heels -

So what do my fellow fashionistas think of my heels?



Simply Tasheena said…
Cute shoes!

Mrs. Delightful
ArtsySisters said…
Those shoes are sooo beautiful! Love the all-over cutouts! Can't wait to see how you'll rock these ones!
P.S. Thanks for following us! We're following right back!
Nancie said…
Honestly I'm jealous! those shoes are hot.xx
Dana said…
Utterly, totally, most definitely DIVA shoes and SO Divine!!
I bet you're itching to take those babies out for spin!!
Wear them in good health my dear! They are too too gorgeous!

Style4Curves said…
I like them!!I like the idea of the mirror inspired shoes I still want a pair of those shoes with real mirror pieces tho they look so badass!!!
Lima said…
They're utterley fabulous! The little mirrors on it makes it a cut above the rest ;) xx
Priscilla said…
So Cute (Y).I just discovered your blog and really like it.You are very inspiring!
It is nice to meet you! I will keep watching it in future,

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Anonymous said…
Where do you get heel tabs from.
Thanks in advance.
OK girl, these are sexy hot!!!!
Unknown said…
Gurl you and your shoes......these are too cute!!!!

Carsedra of:
LA Lynn's said…
Mirror, Mirror on the wall whose the FLYEST of them ALL!!!!! U ARE!!!! LOL!!!!


Megha Sarin said…
Interesting pair of heels! love it :)

Wow, those heels are fierce! Great find!

Princie said…
Great purchase :)!
Candyce Nicole said…
You and your shoes! Can I move into your closet? You won't even know I'm there :-)
Tammy said…
I am so jelly that I took a bet to not purchase any shoes till august & here you go with something I want.. Lol cute shoes

Jonnique said…
Love them and want them! Newest follower!!! Would love for you to follow back!?
Emily said…
**gasp** Those shoes are ADORABLE. I love the little mirrors on them. Go Jane shoes are always so cute and quirky. I look forward to seeing how you style them.

May the force be with you.