Review: Anjolee - The Art of Jewelry

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by fab jewelry brand Anjolee. I was asked to review one of their products so of course I immediately conducted some research. I refuse to get involved with companies that have bad reputations for customer service, poor craftsmanship of their products, and sub par business platforms (i.e. website presence). After my preliminary search, I was very pleased with what I had found. The company manufacture's it's own pieces and what I find really unique is the fact I can custom-build any jewelry design on Anjolee's site for my personal tastes......and budget, lol. When I received my package, it came in the most brilliant royal blue wrapping and the necklace I was gifted for review was encased in a sturdy mahogany case.

The above lovely necklace is the 'Surrounded With Love Diamond Drop Pendant' and I have worn it quite a few times since I received it. It's so darn fab!

I found out that Anjolee was founded in 1977 as a high-end jewelry manufacturer. The company originally started selling its products to wholesalers and retail stores. Their collection can be found in retail stores across the United States, Canada and on many online websites.....most recently their own.

Anjolee’s product line has expanded throughout the years and includes an extensive collection of bridal jewelry, rings, diamond braceletsearrings, diamond necklaces, and diamond pendants. I personally love the classy designs and may I repeat, the coolest thing to me is that they will customize any order!!!! Now that's what I call some serious customer service! 

I highly recommend that you guys head on over to Anjolee's site to check out the lovely, authentic diamond designs they have available. I couldn't wait to rock my diamond pendant so I immediately threw something together so I could take my little necklace out for a test drive ;-)

I chose a feminine ensemble with a v-neck top to show off my fab necklace.

My skirt's color is like a really light blush (think cotton candy) so I decided to pair it with a bold colored top so my look wouldn't be "washed out".

The pendant necklace is very lightweight and I honestly kept forgetting I had it on until folks expressed interest in my piece and commented on how much they loved it. SWEET!

I love a piece of jewelry that makes a statement..................regardless of the size!!! Versatility plays a huge role in my fashion admiration so I'm definitely gonna wear my pendant necklace with whatever I'm wearing!

Please excuse the extra shiny sheen on my face. I live in sunny Florida so most of my personal style pics are going to be in an inferno of heat!

Top and Belt - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - H&M
Handbag - Cole Haan
Heels - Calvin Klein

After wearing Anjolee's "Surrounded With Love Diamond Drop Pendant", I must say I am absolutely satisfied with the design, product construction, and the surprisingly fab impact of my new pendant. The fact that Anjolee allows you to customize products and provides its customers with the the ability to purchase directly from the site ( and save you money) sets this company miles above the others! I had so much fun coming up with one of a kind pieces that I created on Anjolee's site. The features were really easy to play around with, technology is so awesome! 

What do you good people think of my new pendant courtesy of Anjolee?

special thanks to Marla of Anjolee!



LoveT. said…
Great Outfit ,the Colours suits you very well!

Lovely Greetings :)
sadee said…
woww beautiful i got the anjolee ring
Sparkle said…
that necklace is amazing! love your skirt :)

A Haute Mommy said…
I love the simple classy look of this necklace. This is my kind of necklace. I need to check this site out.
Simply Tasheena said…
Love it! It is so elegant :).

Mrs. Delightful
Tavia Mac said…
That is a beautiful necklace! Simple and elegant. I wore these exact same colors yesterday. I had on some blush pants and a coral sweater..and I put those colors together for the same reason you Great fashion minds... *wink* You look marvelous sistah girl!

Vanessa V. said…
Beautiful dear!

That necklace is perfect for you, so beautiful!
athena said…
the necklace looks very elegant. definitely perfect for a subtle addition to make an outfit really work. :)
I've been seeing so many of these reviews! They have some cute stuff

Confessions Of A City Girl
Tammy said…
That necklace is too beautiful... loving your look

I love the center piece of your pendant, gorgeous!
Unknown said…
It's a beautiful necklace chica.
Mrs. Pancakes said…
the outfit is great and i love the pendant as well!