Reader Request - 70s Themed Party

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I have a reader request to share with you from my girl Ebony of Longing 4 Length.

Request Time! I have a 70s party on Friday...if you have time for a lil inspiration post btw now and then?

Ebony, I'm super sorry for the late post. I totally dropped the ball on this one. No excuses, just forgot to post this. I hope you can still use these examples and suggestions below if you have not found what you need yet. The cool thing is that my family reunion banquet's theme is the 1970s era. I definitely needed this post as well. Without further delay, let's jump right into it.

Pam Grier, AKA Foxy Brown, was known as a fashion icon during the 70s. Her style inspired me to create the set below.

Reader Request - 70s Themed Party - Part IV

I love the geometric patterns, printed bells, and uber popular denim shirt. This set incorporates several trends of the 1970s era. And of course, I would definitely recommend a huge afro to accompany this look ;-)

As I sifted through pics of Cher for this post, I realized that this chick should have been nicknamed "the body". Her abs, long legs....that bish! Anyways, her signature long, straight hair and fashion forward style was also on par for style icon level. The photo above inspired my mod set below.

Reader Request - 70s Themed Party - Part III

I love the mini mod dresses of the 70s, and paired with the infamous "go go" boot and newsboy cap, you would fit right into the music scene or the British teen scene. But if you want to forgo the cap, I would advise you to go long and flowing  with your hair (like Cher), or short and sculpted like Diana Ross' photo in the set.

When I think of the 70s, Farrah Fawcett and her wildly famous mane are right at the top......closely followed by her love of high-waisted denim bell bottoms. See a fun look below that would be easy and super affordable to put together.

Reader Request - 70s Themed Party - Part II

Plaid shirt, bell bottoms, floppy hat, and's all in the details. Think "Charlie's Angels" and you will be right on point. This look would work perfectly with either the afro, the long, straight mane, or the feathered "Farrah Fawcett" style. Who doesn't love versatility???

Diana Ross.....the ULTIMATE diva!!! This woman's style is so magnificent. I wanted to post at least 7 photos of her fabulous style but I will save that for another time. I knew she was fab, but her style was absolutely drool worthy during the 70s. For now, we will just focus on her glam style for our remaining outfit post.

Reader Request - 70s Themed Party

Solid gold anyone? Glitz and glamour were often associated with the movie and music divas of this era. And would you like to guess what they gravitated towards? Yep, you got it....SEQUINS!!! Dresses were form fitting and their blinding sequins announced a diva's arrival from a mile away. Go high voltage with a gold or silver number and then rock either a sculpted short bob like the fabulous Diana, or the feathered "Farrah Fawcett" look.

Below are some options/.selections to help put your (and my) look together. Just scroll thru to see both platforms and bell bottoms.


I hope these looks provided you with some help Ebony! I got to manage my time better!!! Truly sorry! I know this request has helped me out greatly! I have just over a month to get my look together. Let me know which look you finally decided upon and I will do the same ;-)

Celebrity pics spotted via Google Images



That second look, the baby doll dress is amazing, so cute and so feminine and so boho chic.
Anna said…
nice post =)

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog =))
Loves it! You picked some great stuff. I love those pam grier inspired platforms! And the Farrah picks are so spot on!

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Mrs. Pancakes said…
i want the dress from Diana ross' collection....sooo gorgeous!