Outfit: Pleats and Linen

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday peeps! I would say I'm ready for the weekend, but really I'm ready for some rest! Every weekend in this month I'm out of town. This time I'm headed back home for my cousin's wedding. Super happy for her so I won't complain ;-) Actually, I can't wait to wear this fabulous dress for the special occasion. The fact that I have had this lovely dress in my closet for over a year with no usage whatsoever is truly sad. And trust, I have had plenty of chances to wear it......I swear I'm the most neglectful fashionista on earth!!! But anyways, I am vowing to use all of my opportunities to dress up with the tons of long forgotten jewels in my wardrobe. I have got to do betta, LOL!

Last weekend I went out of town for a pharmacy conference I was consulted to speak at. It was a good conference and the audience was very receptive. I'm always nervous when I have to get up in front of a crowd, no matter how many times I speak, however, my "stage fright" always goes away after a few minutes into my talk. It's an aggravating ritual I go through every single time. SMH

I wasn't able to take pics of my attire during the conference. So, after my presentation, I headed home and decided to at least snap a few for the blog.

I really adore this dress and I felt really comfortable in it. It appears that while mint green is every one else's obsession this season, salmon pink is mine. I think this is the 4th or 5th garment I have worn in under a week and a half that featured this color. I never knew I owned so many items in this hue!

The only downfall, in terms of my professional life, is that I cannot wear sleeveless tops/dresses so I decided to throw on a blazer for a more polished look.

A linen blazer had to be my choice because it was absolutely hot as hell!!! Please be aware that this summer you should expect to see me in the least amount of heavy materials, layers, and clothing in general, lol. I'll try to be hella creative and not bore you to death with only maxi dresses but good grief I don't want to get a heat stroke! I must challenge myself to be creative with the combos I wear.

NOTE TO SELF: You have got to get your body right for a summer full of shorts and minis chick.

I chose a really minimalist approach when it came to my look, but I was in the company of my colleagues and some former professors and I wanted to be taken seriously. Have you every changed your personal style to reflect your setting? I don't mean dressing for the occasion, I mean holding back from those extra accessories you normally can't live without, or wearing a dress when you feel most comfortable in pants, etc. It's a little irritating, but I guess sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do huh?

Earrings and Blazer - Forever 21
Necklace - Thrifted
Dress - H&M (altered by mom)
Ring - Street vendor in NYC
Bracelet - Kenneth Cole (gifted by sister)
Clutch - Vintage Carlos Falchi
Heels - BCBG (gifted by friend)

Have a wonderful and safe weekend folks!



Can I please get your dress after you are sick of it? :) Please, I will take good care of it!
Tanya said…
I love your dress. The colour is perfect on you. The white blazer completes this look. So chic!

Joy Shana said…
love the dress doll super cute
Kiwi..x said…
Greta outfit, I love the dress
Anonymous said…
I really adore this dress too. Nice color. Yeah I think I have that ritual too, I am nervous leading up to the speech then after talking for a minute I am all good! Have a nice time at the wedding!
Beautiful blazer! :) Your blog is great so I'm following you now :)

Yajaira said…
pretty dress, love the color

Dana said…
Now I know why the conference went so well.. You blinded them with your chic fashion sense and this beautiful dress just sent them over the top!...(haha) This is a beautiful dress and it fits you perfectly. Great pairing with the linen blazer! (aren't those great?)
Enjoy your weekend.


I completely understand having to put aside your personal style for the sake of your profession. I'm a minister and my "true" personal style is a bit more risque than anyone ever gets to see however I realize that very few people want to see a minister in short skirts, it undermines your credibility. You compromised well with the linen blazer...lovely, very polished and professional.
Unknown said…
That is a beautiful dress and it looks amazing on you. Have a great weekend mama! (: xoxox
ashley said…
Cute Cute Outfit!!! Love the dress and nude flats mama :)

KC said…
Love you in this dress...especially with the blazer! But I feel you about avoiding heat strokes! I think the best place for me to be some days is in my house...where I can be near-naked and not have to offend anybody! lol!
athena said…
love, love the color on you! :) the pleats of the dress is also very beautiful.

true, there are times that we just have to adjust our style to suit our work. oh well.

Heti said…
cool outfit, I really like your dress! would you like to follow us each other? I can also follow you on twitter and bloglovin!

Love the colour :)
So pretty!!
Unknown said…
Really pretty dress, I love this color too! Although I want to add some mint to my wardrobe I really am drawn to salmon colors, pale pinks and corals!!

Carsedra of:


Anonymous said…
pretty outfit, i love this dress :))

Marcela Gmd said…
Very elegant look!!! I love your clutch!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥
I totally understand dressing according to your surrounding. I loving this color on you. I would love to get all in your closet.
Anna said…
great dress ^^

Please, check out my blog and tell what you think ^^ I have 1 year anniversary there now =) and we can follow each other if you want =)

hope we keep in touch ^^
It's really a beautiful dress!!! and it suits you very well.
We like your blog, so we follow you and wait you follow us back
Kisses :)
Mrs. Pancakes said…
the dress is soo airy...just beautiful!
HEIDI said…
beautiful dress and looks perfect with the white blazer! looks appropriate and chic!

xx heidi
life full of loves
Sazi Efionayi said…
always bringing out the best in you....love the outfit hun

Sparkle said…
that dress look stunning on you :)

It's such a wonderful white blazer and it's a great colour if you want to teach a lesson of life to your auditorium.Thanks for following!
I remember this dress at H&M. Should have got it (smacking myself now). It's lovely and while I am obssesed with mint, I have to admit that salmon is right up there with it!


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Lisa R Charles said…
Love it!! So classy.