Outfit: Denim and Salmon

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I really need to get a new computer....actually, I feel like every time I turn around I need to get a new "something"!!! Being an adult sucks grass some times, LOL! But real talk, I've always been a Microsoft fan,  probably because I couldn't afford Apple, however, I've been seriously thinking about switching over to a MacBook Air or Pro. My nephew wants one so maybe I will get two, one for him and one for me ;-) I'm just getting tired of constantly upgrading my computers. And I'm so dependent upon them man! Decisions, decisions....

This past weekend I had so much fun it's no even funny! I have plenty of pics that I can not wait to share! BTW, I guess I did good on my presentation because they told me they are definitely bringing me back to speak again. My topic focused on "The Use of Nutrition in Cancer Prevention". And while I'm quite familiar with the topic, it required a lot more research on my part because I'm no nutrition expert....I'm a drug expert. Haaa! That statement sounded very suspect, lol. Anyhew, thanks to you all for your well wishes. It was a conference room full of my colleagues so to say I was nervous is an understatement, LOL.

The evening prior to the conference, I went to dinner and pulled out this pleated skirt I'm absolutely in love with. I also "shopped" my closet for these heels. I have no idea why I stacked them near my belts........it's hard to see anything through that mass of leather snakes. SMH

I really like mini skirts, so the fact that this little number falls just above my knees, surprises the hell outta me.

I love the lucite heel......it caters to the inner stripper in me, LOL!

Earrings - mother's jewelry box (tee hee hee)
Necklace - Gifted by friend
Shirt and rings - Forever 21
Handbag - LV Speedy 35
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Heels - Aldo



I love your skirt..Those heels are really sexy just like you..

Congratulations on your successful presentation..lol
Anonymous said…
Check out your blogger awards and share the love. xx
Those heels are amazing, really beautiful, I love what's happening on the front of the foot.
I love salmon. cute!

A chic kiss ;-)
Style4Curves said…
YASSSSS GAWDDDDDDDDD this whole look is everything I want every piece in my closet!!!
You look so gorgeous! Love salmon!!!! Nice combo and are you a bit tanned? Your skin is just glowing! Gotta love that summer skin!

A Haute Mommy said…
You look so cute. I'm glad the conference went well. I can't wait to hear about your weekend. Go for the Apple. I can't wait to retire my HP and get one. I have an iPad so i rarely even use the HP anymore. Apple makes better products.
Unknown said…
YAAAAY for a great presentation, I'm sure it was a breeze after you got over your nerves!!

This outfit is too cute and those shoes are sharp!! LOL at your inner stripper, you totally crack me up!!

Carsedra of:


Unknown said…
Love this outfit! THE SHOES!! OMG please gimme them lol. Congrats on your successful presentation! :)

Mai Musings said…
Congrats on your presentation! I love how your humor is part of your blog. I have a similar pleated skirt like this from Gap. Mac is the way to go, you know what they say, once you go Mac you won't go back (yes I made that up).
Unknown said…
I really recommend a macbook :D you will get hooked immediately and they last for a lot longer than a pc.. x
Congrats on your presentation. Those shoes are HOT! Loving the whole look.

In other news, I will be using "sucks grass". That line had me cracking up!
Janique-HGB said…
Love, love, love everything about this look!
Tammy said…
Love this look.. The two colors mixed together along with the jean shirt is too cute... OH! can't forget about the shoes

KC said…
Soooooo cute! Love those two colors together...and I'm still waiting for you to get tired of that bag and sell it! ;)
Dana said…
Woahw! I have to use that little catch phrase: "sucks grass"...love!
Can't help you with decisions cuz I'm a Libra and I suck grass at making decisions! (yey! is works [smile])
You look totally adorable in this cute classy but simple pairing of skirt and top! LOVE the shoes and bag combo! Can't every go wrong with a Louie!
Glad you did well on your presentation!

Happy Wednesday!


Mrs. Pancakes said…
Love the skirt and I so agree that sometimes I wish
I was
Young and