Outfit: Canary Yellow and Turquiose

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! So glad the weekend is here and I'm super ecstatic because next week I'm on vacation....Yaaayyyy!!! *insert Cheshire Cat smile here* I will be posting next week because I'm too plugged in to take a serious break, but don't expect any stimulating conversation to take place. I will be on and off with the quickness boo boo! LOL. But seriously, don't forget to stop by to show me love ;-)

Now I'm going to jump right back in with my girls' getaway posts. We didn't actually make it out of the resort with the looks below, but we still managed to have our very own photo shoot so I felt it necessary for me to include these pics!

I really liked this outfit. However, the dress was too revealing. It was basically sheer and I did not have the appropriate undergarments to make it work. In other words, I would have been super self-conscious the entire evening. Sucks grass because I really wanted to rock this look :-(

Talk about a mini!!!!! You guys know I've been wearing a lot of cutouts and posting the looks on this blog so another cutout should not be a surprise, lol.

My bff Ann Marie looked stunning but she felt like her dress was a little too revealing as well because her lining kept "crawling" up. It was so weird, the dress fit her perfectly so we're not sure what the heck was going on.

My bff Ja'Kim was the only one that kept her look for the evening's festivities. She clearly tried on her garment before she packed.

My necklace was so super crooked, LOL. I was busy talking smack to Ja'Kim when Ann Marie snapped this photo. Haaa!

That heffa Ja'Kim kept jumping in my shots, lol. Needless to say, we have a very good time whenever we get together. It's always a bunch of trash talking, vanity, fashion, pure comedy, and the like. These gorgeous ladies have been in my life since pre-school. Ride or die.....ride or die!!!

Earrings - Forever 21
Necklace - C/O ShopTheLook.net
Dress - Forever 21
Clutch - H&M
Ring - Street vendor in NY (Soho)
Heels - Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120

I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend!!!



The yellow dress is so cheerful like the sun. You look beautiful :)

Joy Shana said…
Love that dress you look gorgeous
Style4Curves said…
Cute look!! I just ordered a yellow dress for my birthday great minds think alike I'm digging this combo!
Unknown said…
Love the yellow dress with the CL's very very cute missy!! You all look really cute!!

Carsedra of:


I have to wait for my vacation until August, but I'm so happy about it.
And that neon dress, is amazing.
Unknown said…
lovely shade of neon! i love your accessories pairings. you look so pretty! :)

have a great wknd! :)
Ashley said…
Super Cute Dress and heels! Love the color mix :)

Ashley said…
Super Cute Dress and heels! Love the color mix :)

Sootjeelina said…
I love your shoes! The colour is gorgeous

xoxo Sootjeelina
I love that dress! And your friends are gorge, too :)
Dana said…
How cool that you have friends like that! Very important for one's sanity! (or lack thereof..) ahahaha
Fabulous pairing this great yellow dress with those YUMMY turq Louboutins, which you know, if I could reach through the screen and snatch them off your feet they would be MINE!!! I agree on the revealing part! Sheer never makes for comfort.
btw... as I'm writing this my daughter is watching Sylvester and Tweety on the TV... get it? Yellow! TOO too cute.
"sucks grass"??? I have to remember that! haha



Unknown said…
I love everyone's outfits. I hate when clothes are too sheer because I'm always confused about how to fix it.
Unknown said…
Love the mini.. wow you look amazing!.. xx
Candyce Nicole said…
Love that color combo!! How I wish I could walk in those Pigalles...they hurt my feet like crazy! You wear them well :-)
LA Lynn's said…
For the most part you ladies enjoyed yourself and look gorge! It's always good having RIDE or DIE chicks on your side!

I still think you all look very classy and chic!
Sazi Efionayi said…
one of these days,i will av to be in these gatherings,you gals look stunning....

Unknown said…
Love the pairing of neon yellow & turquoise

Unknown said…
OMG mama, you looking sexy-stunning! Love your dress and great shoes. The rest of the ladies loo fabulous as well. (: xoxox
Dre said…
You still look so cute in this outfit, girlie! Too bad you didn't get to wear it to the festivities. I myself am still learning how to rock sheer stuff! And I have a habit of not trying on stuff before I pack it as well. I do love the turquoise and yellow pairing of this outfit. The necklace and turquoise Loubous are too fab!
Tammy said…
Everyone is working their dress... love it.. them shoes (blue louboutin), yep just watch out b/c I will be in Florida soon :)

Janique-HGB said…
Great minds think a like. I have that same dress in that same color. Your shoe choice was awesome. Perfect summer look.
Ofure .O. said…
Lovely outfits :) x
- Kimbunnii - said…
The yellow is FLY on you! I can't get enough of those Loubs too what a fab color!!!
Vhutali said…
wow, girl you rock a mini...

i like.

ashi said…
I want those shoes!!!! and the yellow and turquoise combo is divine. cute outfit
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