New Additions: Sandals and Pumps

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

This is a super quick post to share with you all the new additions to my shoe family. Yeah, I've claimed them as family because I love them all so dearly, lol. A request was made for me to do a post on my shoe collection and quite honestly......I'm frightened! I wouldn't even know where to start! Let's just say I promise to work on one but please don't expect it to be soon. Well, without further adieu, here are my new kiddies ;-)

Found a pair of neon, studded sandals at Aldo the other day. They were on sale too!!! SWEET!

Love how they pop against my skin. Can't wait to wear them out!

Scooped up these babies during the same trip when I purchased the sandals from Aldo. I also found these on sale, whoop whoop!. They were waiting patiently for me at Urban Outfitters. It was a good day!

I really like these simple, two-tone sandals. The neon yellow actually sold me. And for less than $10 bucks.....I'm all for them. Thanks Forever 21!

My sister bought these for me and I could not be happier!!!! Loving the animal print, the color, and the platform style. Thanks sister!!!

So what do you all think of my new additions???



I love the new addition to your family. Those neon shoes from Aldo and the forever 21 are my favorite.
Love them all especially the flats. I understand your undying love for shoes. I re-organized my closet last night and when I looked at my shoes I smiled because they just warmed my little heart! LOL! (Still want more though)
Unknown said…
Really cute additions!!! I'm all for comfort especially when it's HOT out so I really love the flat sandals!!

Carsedra of:
Unknown said…
Great shoes!!!!

Those orange studded flats are my favorite!

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I love the flats, so cool, of course the heels are sexy!!! But, me, I'm a flats kind of gal :).
Unknown said…
I love all the sandals!! The last pair from F21 are too cute, gonna run to my nearest store to see if I can find a pair :)
Sazi Efionayi said…
love the Aldo .....cute
G. said…
Lord Jesus, I love them all!
Your feet look amazeballs in all ur kiddies and the colors just the right pop! your summer outfits are sorted!!!
Unknown said…
Great additions, so jealous right now (Bisola), want the neon studded sandals :(

Have a good day.
Jadore-Fashion said…
I love the neon and beige color...the studded one is edgy and cute too!

Ticka said…
All of the shoes are #WINNING!! I need more flat sandals in my life. I love how you saved the super sexy platforms for last! BOOM!
Cathy said…
I'm super jealous of gals that are able to wear straight up flat shoes. I look at flat sandals ._. and kind of die a little inside because of my high arches. .-.

You got some reallyyy nice new additions to your shoe wardrobe. woot woot. ^^
KC said…
The sandals made me smile.
The pumps made me drool! ;)
LA Lynn's said…
Loving ALL your new additions and you better have new BOOKS for all those shoesssss... LMBO!!!!