5 Things I Want Right Now

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Happy Hump Day! I have two opportunities to get all fancy for this week. I have the dresses but I was thinking of purchasing new heels. Of course I don't necessarily need an excuse, but when I actually do have the chance, I relapse in the worse possible way when it comes to shopping. Obviously it's time for me to go to another SA (shopper's anonymous) meeting. Oh well, I'm pretty sure my little fashion break has ended......see my new craves below, which undeniably have NOTHING to do with any of the events I'm going to. SMH!

ASOS Skater Dress With Ruffle Sleeve 
$30.44 (on sale) www.asos.com

Love this feminine frock....please note I already bought this little number. Can't wait to wear it!!!

Ancient Greek Sandals 
Ikaria metallic leather wing sandals 
$245.00 www.net-a-porter.com

I'm usually not one for novelty inspired items but those sandals are just too cute!

Neon Denim Pants $50.00 www.pnkelephant.com

The perfect summer hue! I've been searching for a lime yellow pant. Whoo hoo!

Palomar Star Platform $68.00 (on sale) www.nastygal.com

Been stalking this heel for a while! I might as well go for it right?

Tripp NYC Neon Pink Denim Moto Jacket 
$49.99 (on sale) www.urbanoutfitters.com

Love this color and the description said that it was constructed with a lightweight material that would work well for summer nights.

Honestly, I purchased two other items that I didn't include in this list.......so sad #fashiongirlproblems



Those jeans are really cool, I never knew I was into this color, but now I am :).
Dana said…
First, thank you for being honest! (haha) Second, I love all the items! I looked at the ASOS dress and wondered why is this on the Want List and why doesn't she just buy this cutie, then scrolled down and saw you got it! Great buy! It will look great on you!
Also LOVE the pink denim jacket!
Congrats on your new purchases!

Happy Wednesday!


I literally LOL's @ "I might as well go for it right?" I talk myself into purchases with this same phrase all the time! I love all of your pics but that pink moto jacket is my fav. soooo worth it!
I love those ancient greek sandals, so cool! Have fun at your events! :)
Cecile said…
omg those greek sandals are 'fly' oh so 'fly'
Mrs. Pancakes said…
I want that dress...was just
Telling some
Co-workers I wanted something from
Cathy said…
Those star plats are awesome, but as for the pink moto jacket, I saw it on Urban a few weeks ago for 10 dollars. O_______________O must have been a mistake or something. :c