We Like to Par-tay!!!!

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday good people! I have actually been under the weather for the past couple of days. My bed and I have had some pretty good quality time together. But alas, I'm feeling a little better so I guess I will be making my way back to work!

Last Saturday, me and my homegirl went to a mansion party in Windermere (former stomping grounds of Tiger Woods). Now, I know what you're thinking, what the heck is a mansion party? Well, it's exactly how it sounds; it's basically a house party at a swanky mansion. However, the twist is that it's super elegant, really classy, and you really have to be on your grown and sexy steeze to get in. I can definitely appreciate that. They even hired Mercedes Benz to bus people to and from the party. FAB! Dawana's friend threw the party so of course she dragged my lazy behind outta the house to go with her, lol. Luv ya D!

I pulled out a little mini I bought several months ago. I always buy clothes that I absolutely love (well, I do that now anyways). So sometimes I really don't have anywhere appropriate to wear the item....but it sits patiently waiting in my closet, anticipating the right event for its long awaited debut. The moment is precious, trust me, LOL!

Ummm...this pic was taken at the end of the night and it was hot in that darn house. I'm pretty sure they turned off the AC....those jokas! Anyhew, that's the only excuse I have for why my hair looks like that. But whatev....refer to the other pics below for how I looked the majority of the evening, lol.

BTW, Dawana is fired yet again for not telling me my hair had that "I've danced the night away look" and for not telling me to suck in my stomach a little more. Seriously D??? I knew you were a hater but got dang! LMBO!

I absolutely LOVED Dawana's look. The bright canary yellow dress and berry accessories are definitely on point for spring. My friends are so super fly!!!

Ran into two of my homegirls inside. The one on the left is my hair stylist Necole. We met in college. They both just opened a fabulous salon and it's huge! So proud of you Nec!

Not sure if I would let perfect strangers come into my home and kick it. To each his own I guess. Anyways, can you guys see the lattice detail on my dress at the neck. Honestly, that detail, along with the super cheap price, is what sold me.

Earrings - Forever 21
Dress - Asos.com
Handbag - Mom's closet
Bangles - Vintage
Ring - Goodwill
Wedge heels - Str8up by Jeffrey Campbell

Have a fab weekend friends!



Style4Curves said…
You both look amazing!! I love her yellow and pink too!!
Simply Tasheena said…
I'm still laughing at “I knew you were a hater…” LOL Fab attire

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Delightful
Anonymous said…
You ladies look awesome, I am with you, there is no way I'd let randoms into my home. lol.
Unknown said…
omg shoessss! love love love and your dress is gorgeous<3
Girl you look hawt!You and your friend! I gave you an award at my blog! Please stop by.
You look hot, sexy, awesome, perfect, charming, etc.... You really do!
Anonymous said…
A Mansion Party huh? Sounds Awesome! Let me know where I can sign up to attend one of those? Better yet, let me know where I can sign up TO GET A MANSION? LOL! You all look amazing, hope you all had a great time! I would have been up there all in the refrigerator and tucked into the bed, lol! Black, I know, can't help it! - JT
G. said…
Aw man, I love those shoes!

http://absolutedoll.blogspot.com ❤
Love both! The nude color is fun and flirty on your skin tone and that yellow and pink ensemble is just perfect for Spring!

Ticka said…
Looking good ladies!! Love that dress on you!

Unknown said…
You ladies look fabulous!!

Carsedra of:


Jeneration said…
You both look gorgeous, I wish i could walk in those wooden shoes, they look kind of scary, i might fall lol
Anonymous said…
I shop like you! You look fab! I have been to a mansion party a long time ago in Chicago. Looks nice!
Wow, definitely selling that dress ;-) u both look great!!!
NaNa said…
YOu look so fantastic! Love those shoes - too gorgeous <3 And everyone looks so stylish oh my goodness.

Love from the NaNa girls xoxo
Que said…
Wow you look amazing, love the dress and shoes.

Fashion Pad said…
LMBO! I was so supa tempted...trust!
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks luv! Spring is my favorite season to dress just because of the lovely colors!
Fashion Pad said…
Yaaayyy!!! Thanks hunni!!!
Fashion Pad said…
Haaa! My friends know I will call them out!
Fashion Pad said…
Headed there now!
Fashion Pad said…
O-kaaaayyy!!! I would neva!
Fashion Pad said…
It's a facade....they are so not scary...trust!
Sincerely Mally said…
You looked absolutely stunning :) Love that dress & those heels are hawwtttt

joy said…
Your dress is beautiful, I love that color and your shoes go with it perfectly! your friends outfits are also really pretty :)
LV said…
You both look gorgeous and I love the accessories you ladies are wearing. Gorgeous! I gave you a blog award, stop by and check it out!
Dana said…
I love your nude dress and your friends yellow!! Your girls rocked it! Beautiful!
I would love it if you would like to follow each other.


The view from my last post is from Romania {the country where I live}, a mountain retreat Sinaia with the Peles Castle.
Princie said…
Wow, u're gorgeous in this dress. And these shoes are hot!
Thanx for your sweet comment!
- Kimbunnii - said…
Hey I was supposed to be at the mansion party but was in NY! Looks nice, love your freakum dress with those JCs, u betta werk!
LA Lynn's said…
You ladies are looking EVER so FAB!!!!