Should I.....or Shouldn't I....That is the Question!

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

My shopping has been out of control lately so I've placed myself on a strict budget. I'm only allocating myself $200 bucks a month to spend on clothes/shoes/jewelry/accessories. YIKES!!! So far this month I've already spent about $120......good grief (in my best Charlie Brown voice)! It's just half way through the month and I only have $80 bucks left to spend. Argghh! But guess what? I've already scouted out one of my next purchases for the month of June....because, let's face it, my self-restraint is limited at best and I am such a visual person. As a result, I have unsubscribed from ALL my fashion related emails....well, except and and me!

Anyhew, check out this edgy little heel that I'm thinking of blowing the majority of next month's budget on!

Bottega Platform Sandals $125.00

Ta daaahhhh!!!! I love the huge buckle straps and sexy heel. And amazingly, I don't have anything in my closet like it!!! Of course I'm going to give this purchase some serious thought because I'm really running low on space as of now. I have another spare bedroom/office but I don't like splitting my wardrobe because I really would forget about some pieces. Like I said before, I'm a visual person. My next home improvement project involves more installation of closet shelves ;-)

So what do you all think....yay or nay?



Unknown said…
hey, you! these are great! i am say yay because these are edgy and would go w/ everything--pants, shorts... skirts, dresses. :)

have a lovely day, my friend!
Unknown said…
Those are sexy!!
I say if you that is what you want to get then go ahead! You can always shop your clothes for outfits to wear with the shoe, shoot I'm sure you have something in your closet you haven't worn that can go with them, LOLOL. Plus, you can always find really cute clothes for the low low!!! ;-) Shoot if I could allocate in my budget $200 a month for clothes and shoes I would get those bad boys, I can go to H&M, F21, TJMaxx, Marshall somewhere to get a cut little outfit to wear. I mean it's HOT out you don't need more than a cute little bottom and top anyway!!! :-D Stop me if I am being an enabler here!! HAHAHA LOLOLOL!!!

Carsedra of:
luv_spending! said…
Do it!! You know u are anyway regardless of what anyone says. Lol That's how I am!! Girl go ahead and splurge!!!!
LA Lynn's said…
I LOVE THEM… But I’m sure you have plenty of shoessss that you can hold back a lil longer being that you are on a budget and all! Tehehehehe…
Yay! Those heels are pretty bad-ass ;)

Yes, we're on strict shopping budgets but private sales sites are so tempting!

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Corinne Monique said…
I love them!! I say get them (but I'm a bad influence ;)

Thank you so much for your lovely comment & for voting!!!

Corinne xo
You definitely should buy it!
I love it :)
These are pretty hot, but I have no idea how they would look of a leg, somewhere between a shoe and a sandal. Still, I think they would look hot on them, you would rock them.
Unknown said…
I am here cracking up with this post! I tried to give myself a budget and didn't work! Hahahaha! You are doing great and this month is hard because all the cute things they keep poping with for Summer! I love your new victim I mean ur soon to be shoes! They are fab and so you!
Unknown said…
Those heels are the business!

Ticka said…
I say yay!! But then again, I can be a bit of an enabler. LOL! They are cute/sexy though!
Unknown said…
Setting a monthly budget for clothes is such a wonderful idea I really need to get onboard with that & them shoes are so cool, chic, & edgy!