Reader Request: Undergarments for Non-Traditional Tops

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I have a reader request from my girl Ebony C to share with you all.

I recently bought a few gel nip covers from tjmaxx and I love them when wearing strapless, halter, open back tops. However in a shirt like this, the shirt has no support. So do you just go bare? What bra/undergarments do you wear? Can you do a post on bra/undergarments for non-traditional tops? I really hate the way regular strapless bras look and feel and with summer coming i'm sure I can't be the only one with this question! 

Ebony was referring to this top in a post I submitted a couple of days ago. I decided to go with a bra that matched the color of the shirt because she's has no support if I would have went braless.

Well there are several options on the market to choose from. However, most of the specialty bras available are strapless. Sorry hunni! But I did find a couple that feature straps as well. The bras that I've posted below cater to halter styles, backless garments, and those with cutouts. Check out some fun and affordable specialty bras below.

Fashion Forms Nubra Ultralite self-adhesive backless strapless bra 

This nude polyester and polyurethane-blend bra has a clear silicone adhesive that can be worn with a halter top or a backless gown. Detachable self-adhesive lightly molded cups. Clear hook fastening at center and can be worn up to 50 times (so the site claims).

Style Secrets U-plunge Backless Push-up Bra 

I think the above style would be perfect for a garment that dips low in the front and is backless. If a top or dress has side cutouts, this style would also work well.

Fashion Forms U Plunge Backless And Strapless Bra 

This backless plunge bra features a shaped, padded cups with underwire support, u-plunge neckline to the 

front, detachable halterneck straps, a wide underband, and adhesive side wings for a backless finish.

This style features an underwire that won't let you down. Not even DD cups!!! It stays on with a skin-friendly silicone adhesive that lasts for up to 50 wearings (disclaimer: I haven't tested the longevity of this claim....just putting it out there).

Fashion Forms Infinite Options Padded Push Up Bra 
$26.36 (on sale)

This bra is actually my favorite of the bunch. The reason is because it has so many options to choose from 

and the low v-neck back straps are perfect for backless styles! You can hook conventional-style bra straps 

into any eyelet along cups on the back for a ton of options to wear. The bra also features custom shaping 

with removable gel push up pads.

I hope the above bras will work for you Ebony. Thanks so much for the request hunni! Remember to click on over to Ebony's blog, Longing for Length for the best advice on hair care!!!



Unknown said…
Now will these work for a lady that is very well endowed up top?!?!? i have my sisters wedding coming up next month and my dress has 1 strap and I need a really strapless bra with GREAT support.

Carsedra of:
Ok, so I need a bra like that, I really do :).
Simply Tasheena said…
Thanks for sharing! Now I have to check out these sites...

Mrs. Delightful
Diana Marks said…
backless strapless bra is something ;)
Thanks for sharing.
Fashion Pad said…
Their sites claim that they support up to DD cups....but girl I don't know cuz I barely have B cups, LOL
Fashion Pad said…
Me too....I have quite a few unconventional tops and dresses that I will be rocking this season
Marcela Gmd said…
Wow I like these bras!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥
xoxo Kellz* said…
Love this I gotta get this
Unknown said…
Thank you for doing this post, I am definitely interested in keeping my girls perky this summer and these will definitely come in handy. I love the one from victoria's secret, definitely about to invest.
Unknown said…
The last one is my favorite too, even before I read your comments. I just wish it wasn't padded but sometimes the pads are removable. In a lot of padded/push up bras my boobs look like they are sitting under my chin!

Thanks for doing this post, I appreciate it!
joy said…
Thanks for sharing these tips, I like the last one the most too.
KC said…
Oftentimes, I will forgo purchasing a top like this just to avoid the bra dilemma. You found some great solutions...and I love this top!
Sincerely Mally said…
Me and my friend just tried a few diff styles out! They are awesome
Cathy Anderson said…
It is extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend wonderbra strapless to any woman who is looking for a strapless that will stay in place and not need readjusting all day / night long.
Anonymous said…
Wow ! this is fantastic!! thanks for sharing it!! Crystal Bra Straps