Reader Request - Look for Less Colorblock Heels

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Whoo hoo it's Thursday!!! I'm having such an "off" week and I really would like to relax this weekend, then give it my all beginning NEXT Monday, LOL. It's not a horrible week....I just feel as if I have not been as motivated and goal-seeking as I would like. Oh well, I never stay in this place. I just think of it as a mini mental vacay because I do carry a heavy load most days. I'm sure somebody out there feels me right? Anyhew, I have a reader request to share with you from Samantha:

Hey Shanequa,

I've been reading your blog for a while and I love it! I especially love the fact that you seem to have good detective skills when looking for certain items. I hope you can help me out. I found a fab pair of heels by Giuseppe Zanotti on I cannot afford them. Can you find a cheaper alternative for me? Thanks so much!!!

Giuseppe Zanotti Color-block patent-leather sandals 
The above "perfect for summer" heels are $695.00 at

Well Samantha, my detective skills have not been put to the test lately because a lot of the fast fashion places are making it super easy for me to find the look for less. I'm not claiming that they only produce knock-offs on their sites, but they sure are foregoing creativity in my opinion. But whateva, I guess every now and then an "inspired by" design is definitely alright in my book. Take a look below at the two options I found.

Iconic Patent Colorblock Chunky Heels 

I could not find a heel that contained the same color schematic as the Giuseppes, but the style is definitely on point and the price is right!

Strappy colorblock heels $35.20

I love the color combo on this strappy heel. Again, the price is definitely more affordable and who doesn't want to save hundreds of dollars???

I hope one of the above pair fits your request Samantha. Happy shopping!



issatchieu said…
In fact i feel tt way all the time LOL. definitely feelin u on that one.
Dun push urself too hard when monday comes...cos by the time thurs come again...u will be sooo exhausted.
U shud pace urself..

Its finally TGIF!!! :P
Look for a beautiful weekend.
Vanessa V. said…
Wonderful sandals!

xoxo dear
I noticed those ones a few weeks ago, too. They are absolutely fantastic! x
Unknown said…
great gojane alternative to the gz one. :)

Que said…
Gorgeous shoes...great post.

I love that first pair, so beautiful, the color combination works perfect.
Unknown said…
I am so glad you did this post becuse myself have been in the lookout for something similar as well. Love both of your options for less, good bargains and fab find!
Unknown said…
Those are some amazing affordable alternatives. Thanks for sharing gorgeous.

<3 Marina
Dee O. said…
You found reallllly good alternatives! Lovely blog :)

Unknown said…
I love Go Jane...I am an avid fan and I love that they have inspired heels. I am the type of person who doesn't want to invest in way trendy items. I'd rather buy a pair of Christian Louboutins in a classic black pump that I can wear with anything over their studded heels that I can only get a limited amount of wear. Great post!

Sarah Jane R.
Emmylou said…
Oooooo...great picks for the lower-priced versions of the sandals. I really love that gojane one:)
Shawn Giles said…
yessss Giuseppe is the truthhhhhhh