Outfit: Sunday Best - Peach and Animal Print

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend lovely people!!! To those of you who are mothers....I hope you had a fabulous day! For those of you who have their mothers here on this earth....I hope you honored them and/or spent time with them. No matter how much you and your mother bumped heads or disagreed, there is nothing like a mother's love and it is indeed a blessing! For those of you whose mothers have passed on to be with the most high, I extend my arms of comfort around you and yours. I know mother's day can be hard to endure, but I pray that God provided the comfort you needed to get through the day.

Today I'm posting pics from a couple of Sundays ago. My mom bought me this cutesy little dress and I decided to acessorize it with peach and animal print. It turned out to be a fun combo!

I freakin LOVE a dress that twirls!!! It's the kid in me ;-)

Haaa! Ya'll don't see that good side-eye to the camera, LOL!

Earrings - gift
Necklace - JC Penney
Cardigan - Macy's (old)
Dress - gift from mother
Bracelets - Alexis Bittar (gift from friend )
Ring - Street vendor (NYC - Soho)
Pumps - Zara



LoveT. said…
You look fabulous! You wear the Dress so gorgeous with the Cardigan :)

Wish you a great Week!
A Haute Mommy said…
That's such a cute and fun dress!
Ritcha Verma said…
Hottie and Cutie :D

You are stunning, I love the dress, just like a true princess :).
Sparkle said…
that dress is stunning! and i love your shoes, so fab!

Simply Tasheena said…
Love the color combination. The dress is so pretty.

Mrs. Delightful
ellinelle said…
..I love that gorgeous dress , perfect colour and style ..you look fabulous ..
Unknown said…
Very cute, I really like that skirt!!

Carsedra of:


oh so cute. Twirl on girl

Apurva Saxena said…
I am so loving your pumps <3 <3 <3 Absolutely adore the look ^_^

Unknown said…
you look totally gorgeous! great dress, my dear. i would totally wear it with cheetah pumps also. have a great week!!
Unknown said…
HOT HOT HOT...Love your beautiful and flowy dress!!

<3 Marina
Anonymous said…
Such a cute girly girl look! I am going to start incorporating leopard into my outfits!
Corinne Monique said…
such a cute/fierce outfit!!

Corinne xo
Marcela Gmd said…
Wow I love your dress and shoes!!
Have a good week!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥
Rach said…
love your dress and how you worked the print into the outfit!

Alina said…
Very nice!Love the dress!
Unknown said…
The dress is soooo cutesy!! Love it!

Unknown said…
The dress is soooo cutesy!! Love it!

Unknown said…
Love that dress and necklace, fab look.

Have a great day.
Great dress! Your mom has good taste :)

Looks great with the peach and animal print too.
Skinny said…
Lovely look- love the earth tone colors with the leopard heels
Unknown said…
Beautiful dress and I love the shoes!
LA Lynn's said…
Oh yesssss hunni! I freakin’ LOVE that dress! Then to top it off with the LEO’s!!!! *GENIUS*
LA Lynn's said…
Oh yesssss hunni! I freakin’ LOVE that dress! Then to top it off with the LEO’s!!!! *GENIUS*
Fashion Maids said…
Great dress, the colors work beautifully together.

Cecile said…
you look loely
Anonymous said…
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