Outfit: Spectator Oxfords and Crochet Back Blazer

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's Friiiiiddaaayyyy!!! Can I get an Arsenio Hall "Whoop whoop"? I'm ready to chillax, sleep in (can't really sleep past 9am but it's all good), take a nap (cause I woke up too early), and kick it. Oh yea, and I am definitely going to hit up the movie Battleship. I love any good ole boys action blockbuster. I mean, wasn't Avengers the shiz nit??? I can't miss this movie. A lot of folks say it reminds them of Transformers but er ummm....wasn't Transformers good? Please don't act like Hollywood is the most creative place on earth. Besides, the same guy who directed Transformers also directed Battleship. It's to be expected. For me, it's something to do and an excuse to overdress, LOL.

Anyhew, on Sunday I have a fashion show to attend and of course I'm going to get in on that good media coverage. My homie Dawana is the fashion stylist and I'm so proud of her!!! Go D! She's fabulous so hit my friend up on Twitter if you really want to get super fly (my personal style consulting firm is under construction....can't wait). Pics of the event will be shared....which reminds me, what in Sam-tar-nation am I going to wear??? #fashiongirlproblems

Last weekend, I went home for mother's day and my little nephew and niece were so kind to take pics of my outfits for the weekend. Well, actually, I had to threaten and bully them both but they know I love them :-) I have three new additions to share with you all. I actually made sure I only took new items home with me so that I can force myself to wear my clothes. My goal in life is NOT to be a fashion hoarder....you know, someone who shops constantly, but never actually test drives their acquisitions. I felt myself becoming that person as I gazed in my closet and saw all the items that still have tags on them and plastic wrap. Seriously? SMH

My new additions are the blazer, handbag, and oxfords. I bought the blazer about 4 months ago, the bag last month, and the oxfords two weeks ago. The time span for the latter two items isn't that bad, but that blazer....smh.

Look at the crochet back....so cool. Well, cool to me, LOL!

I could not resist these lace-up, two-tone, cut out oxfords. Sounds like they have a lot going on but I think it works out beautifully.

Wish I would have added a little delicate necklace......

Sidebar: This blazer is super comfy. I have no idea why these pics display my right arm looking as if I'm 2 seconds away from busting out of the sleeve!!!

This bag is soooo much brighter in person.You could literally spot me from a mile away. No lie. It's so odd to carry a purse with a long strap after I've been sporting satchels and clutches consistently.

To annoy my best friend, I'm going to comment on how large my breasts look in this pic, LOL!

Earrings - Boutique in Oahu (Waikiki)
Blazer - Nastygal.com
Tank - Anthropologie
Handbag and bracelet - Forever 21
Rings - So Good Jewelry
Shorts - Forever 21
Oxford shoes - Urbanog.com

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!!!



athena said…
you look lovely! and the back details of the blazer are beautiful :)
I love the lace blazer, such a beautiful item, it's a very chic look. I have a sweater with a laced back but not that chic.
And the Oxfords, too cute :).
Those oxfords are my fav! I love the neon bag too!
Vanessa V. said…
You look casual and elegant! I like this look!

Simply Tasheena said…
Cute attire! Love the shoes.

Mrs. Delightful
noone said…
you look great and haha fashion shows are always fun. love the neon bag you are wearing!
Tanya said…
Your outfit is on point. I love everything you are wearing! I had to follow your blog, I love it!

I love that bag girl and those shoes.
Looking good!!

Kami from brokefashionista11.blogspot.com
Tammy said…
that neon purse is to die for.. Great look girl

Unknown said…
I love that blazer, the lace just does it for me - so sexy. I really need to tap in the neon trend, not a single piece in my closet.

BTW I've been subjected to go see battleship - Dammie adores Rihanna.

Have a great weekend.
Unknown said…
i saw that bag yesterday. it's just the perfect amount of neon. you look amazing! have a great wknd. :)

Princie said…
Love your blazer, especially the back details.
Anonymous said…
You have inspired me to go out on a limb and try the oxfords. I have been fearful!
jack said…
I had to threaten and bully them both but they know I love them :-) I have three new additions ..
utility cart
Rach said…
cute bag!!! I really need a neon bag in my life!!

Nekiah Torres said…
Those shoes and that bag...I DIED! Love! kiah
Love your shoes!! You should put a close up!


Shawn Giles said…
loveeeee the shoes
Ebony Styles said…
Really cute outfit. I love every piece.

Unknown said…
What a great outfit and you look fabulous. Love the shoes and the bag too...xoxoxox
Megha Sarin said…
I love that blazer! You carry it so well <3 <3