Outfit: Red Rover

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I have been hitting up the movies a lot lately. I'm a summer blockbuster kind of girl, lol. And on another note...my blossoming affair with flats is continuing. I bought several pairs this past weekend. I guess this is what summer does to me. It places me in a lazy, simple style mood. But it's all good, the pieces I rock are still blog worthy....I hope, LOL.

I dug deep in my closet for this red romper.

I'm looking really tropical here....but I live in Florida so that's my excuse, lol.

Don't you hate ironing your little heart out, only to get the same darn creases you got out, reappear after you sit down??? Arggh! Oh yea, I'm going to ignore the fact that my photographer overlooked that strap hanging  down from my armpit!!! Hot mess!

I also dug out this scarf that I thought I would never have use for. It's perfect for balmy summer nights. It's not too heavy and the material is light and airy!

Earrings - Boutique in Miami (South Beach)
Scarf - Scarves.net (gifted)
Romper - Urban Oufitters
Clutch - H&M
Sandals - Nine West



Style4Curves said…
love this look! My legs are too stumpy for flats but those are cute!
aww! your playsuit is adorable! I've begun a love affair with flats as well. mine was forced though since i can't wear heels to work...(ahhh....prison life...) yours are really cute!
A Haute Mommy said…
Cute romper! I can never find one that works for me since my legs are so long. I love how you paired that scarf with it.
That is such a cool look, I love it and the scarf is a prefect touch, I want worm weather, to let my back be free :).
Ticka said…
Don't you just hate when things are in your closet hiding from you? lol That romper is too cute!! That scarf was the perfect accessory.
LA Lynn's said…
Cute Romper... love how you styled it with scarf! BTW, I'm a MOVIE LOVER/GOER year round! :-)
Ashley said…
Cute Cute Romper!!! I love the addition of the scarf. I've got to try that next time I wear a romper :)

You look too cute in this romper. Yes I hate ironing and then sitting down just to get all wrinkled up again. It happens to me all the time.
Unknown said…
hey,you! i have my hot mess moments, but you look great....!!~~

great color and love this on you. :)

I love this romper! Although, i can’t pull them off. Okay, i might try again this Summer, ha.

xo everything-pretty.com
Unknown said…
We love how you styled the romper, the scarf is a perfect touch. I feel you about the ironing (Bisola), I spend so much time ironing..... its ridiculous!

Unknown said…
That romper is super cute and it looks great on you. Love the sandals too xoxox
Very cute. I love the color, you do look really tropical!
And flats are my everything... i need to re-up actually

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Cecile said…
I think this is a very cute look!
U go girl!
Dana said…
cute romper... yea, can't trust those pesky photogs to be stylists as well...they just click away!!!


Anonymous said…
Yes I hate ironing period!! So I get mad if I do iron and it looks like I didn't! I think the flats are very chic nothing simple about them! You don't have to wear heels to be hot! You still look hot with the flats!!!
Mrs. Pancakes said…
Totally would rock this...love the slippers with it...
Tammy said…
Loving that color on your girle

Unknown said…
Very cute, I tend to wear more flats especially sandals when it is warmer outside!!

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