Outfit: Red and Black Palette

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Happy Hump Day good people. Quick post today because work is pretty much off the chain right now so I gotta get there early....so I won't be there too late ;-)

I hit up a comedy show with a friend of mine and...not realizing that it was a huge event....I actually showed up sort of underdressed!!! #SHOCKIING 

Of course there were people wearing jeans but the majority of the crowd was pretty jazzy. And of course I was pissed, LOL! You all KNOW how much I love to be the one overdressed. SMH!

Love this top....that woman's hair is how I want my hair to be after my transition phase.

I hope you all can see that totally obnoxious ring that I'm wearing on my left hand.....I LOVE it!!!

Say hello to one of my new additions. Love the mesh look of these heels. And they are quite comfortable as well. Bonus!

Earrings and Necklace - Forever 21
Blazer - Zara
Top - Gryphon
Cuff - Forever 21
Rings - Urbanog.com
Clutch and Jeans - Forever 21
Heels - Urbanog.com



LoveT. said…
Great Outfit! Shirt and Shoes are adorable ,you look amazing!

Sada said…
Lady you look fabulous! There is NO way you were underdressed when you look that good. Love the new shoes. Great outfit. Good luck with work....

Dressology HQ
Unknown said…
I think you look fab doll! Not under dressed at all, and I'm locking those jeans and shoes!! Your shoe collection is off the meter..l

Vavavoom!!! You look PERFECT! You really do, and I love those shoes girl, so hot.
Unknown said…
thanks for commenting on my blog you were spot on!! Amazing jeans and cute tattoo<3
Following you now - whee!
Unknown said…
Love the shoes girl! Cant believe that they are from urbanog.

Tavia Mac said…
You make me chuckle. I love the easy casual and chic look. The shoes are hotness!

Jadore-Fashion said…
WOW! I love that red pumps...my eyes just went straight to those shoes--fabulous! Lovely outfit!

love your shoes so much <3
Unknown said…
You look great, I really like your jeans and shoes.
Style4Curves said…
The shoes plus the jeans!!!!! WINNNNNNNNNNNN
Stylelover said…
You look great sweety! Love your heels!
hautepinkpretty said…
Underdressed or not, you still look fabulous! LOVE THOSE HEELS!! Xox <3 hautepinkpretty.com
Anonymous said…
Sooooo in love with that tee! And I love how your hair is looking in these pictures.
ahhhhh...I LOVE your shoes!! LOL...really cute....great look!! You make me want to shop...hmmmm lol

Fashion Pad said…
That's the downfall of looking at blogs. I have to keep a restraint on myself, LOL
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks hunni! I actually did something to it, lmbo!
Fashion Pad said…
Thx pumpkin...I really appreciate it!
Fashion Pad said…
Thx...I don't know when my shoe fetish tool over...honest!
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks boo....I'm gonna need it!
Love your whole outfit!! And the shoes I want ;-)