Outfit: Eggplant Purple and Black

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! It's the start of a long Memorial Day weekend and besides the fact that I'm hosting a barbeque on Monday, I am trying my best to remain out of the stores. Have you seen all the sales??? They need to quit! Because I'm so weak, I've decided to stay my behind as far as possible from any of my fav retailers.....online and in store. I am working part of the weekend so that kinda helps, lol. Do you all have any plans? Do tell ;-)

I'm posting pics below of the outfit I wore for church on Mother's Day. I was going to be bright and floral at first, but then I realized that I had purchased this dress last Fall and hadn't taken it out for a spin. You know my motto....new items are test driven at church or the grocery store, LOL.

I think I need to give this clutch a rest. It is my go to when I need a black clutch so you can only imagine how much use I get out of this little baby. I have forced an excellent return on my money! But here's the kicker, I have like 4 other options to choose from! Hot mess!

Okay, so the front of the dress has a v-neck.....it's really not that deep, but I could have had a wardrobe malfunction. I just decided to pin it up because my slow behind didn't pack any other dresses for church and I refused to wear jeans. I ended up having to twist the bodice a little to prevent gaping. It's not the best solution, obviously, but I didn't get any side eyes from any of the elders, nor did any old ladies pull me to the side, LOL! That's all that truly matters right?

I realized a little too late that I got cheated with this dress. It should have come with a belt if those belt loops are any indication! I overlooked that in my rush to scoop it up. It was priced for only $13.00....seriously!

Earrings - Street vendor in Oahu (Waikiki)
Necklace - Forever 21
Dress - Nordstom's Rack
Belt - Thrifted
Clutch - Barney's New York
Rings - Street vendor
Heels - Giuseppe Zanotti

Have a fun and safe weekend good people!



Sales?!?! We don't have sales here, and beside, no money :).
I love the dress, such a busy and beautiful shape, I really love it.
A Haute Mommy said…
Cute dress and great price. I'm hosting a cookout too Monday. Have a great weekend!
Gorgeous, love the dress and the chain necklace.

Style4Curves said…
very classy look!!!!
Unknown said…
what a stunning and elegant outfit!

have a great wknd. :)

Ashley said…
HAUTE!!!! You look stunning!!! Love your dress :)

Unknown said…
You look amazing and I love this dress...xoxoxo
athena said…
the color of the dress looks really good on you. and those giuseppe's elongated your legs beautifully. :)


Anonymous said…
Fabulous look chica!
Beautiful color! Sophisticated and works everytime! I hear you on wearing the same clutch to death. I'm guilty of that too when I have so many more :)

issatchieu said…
Guiseppe's shoes!!!!! killers!! super nice :))
Oh dun feel bad abt the dress..we sometimes overlook when we shop too fast. At least you got creative with creating a pleat which made it look like part of the design..hehe. and most impt no one in church gave u staress. nice pop of blue nails btw :)
Dana said…
This is a seriously gorgeous outfit! The color of the dress is great and love the color of the nails. This dress was a great find at the Rack!
You make me giggle: LOVE it!


Ebony Styles said…
You look amazing! Loving the dress & the color, and the shoes....to die!

Unknown said…
I really like it & the fit! Can't wait to see it unpinned - but girl I totally get that way about church too with the safety pins! lol. I also think it'd look best without the belt loop thingys.
Unknown said…
You look adorable, the dress truely is a steal!
Thank you for ur lovely comment.
Que said…
You look so sexy in this dress, love the colour.

Unknown said…
You look fabulous darling!!! :-) Love the dress and the heels!!

Carsedra of:


Jeeda said…
Cute dress and lovin' the shoes of course;)!!
I love that dress hun. I hope you enjoy your barbecue! happy weekend. -xx
Gillie said…
YOu look so gorgeous in purple and those heels are fierce! I definitely need to stay away from sales this weekend or I might be in trouble!

xo Gillie
agasuitcase said…
Such a cool dress! You look stunning!
Amazing blog:-) Check mine and let me know if you would like to follow each other:-)

Come and win!
Your blog is awesome. Nice sandals and outfit :)

A chic kiss ;)
Unknown said…
In love with the shape of the dress. so flattering

Ticka said…
Love that dress!! I feel you on the pinning of the front. Sometimes you have to improvise. =D
E. Louise said…
belt or no belt the dress is Fab!!

E. Louise

That's a pretty great color on you!

Anonymous said…
Nicely done babe! I need to raid your closet!
NaNa said…
This is such a lovely outfit <3 The shoes are fantastic! ^_^

Love from the NaNa girls xoxo
yiqin; said…
the shoes are fab <3
Mrs. Pancakes said…
Super cute outfit. The color is gorgeous!! Happy memorial day weekend!!
hautepinkpretty said…
well I'm glad you decided to test drive it ;) because you look amazing in this dress! Love your shoes too!! Xox <3 hautepinkpretty.com
Love the draping of this dress! Hope you are having a terrific time at your BBQ today! :)
LA Lynn's said…
Gimme that necklace and those shoes... That is ALL!
Tavia Mac said…
Love it! What a classy and chic look!