Hawaii Recap - Part V

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday folks!!! Today marks the end of the Hawaii series. Yaaayyy! Well actually.......boooooo! LOL! It's all good....more memories will be created in the near future for sure ;-)

I'm extra excited for the weekend. I get to see my sister, and my niece has a dance recital that I'm highly anticipating. My niece is so good and she takes ballet, jazz, and tap. I'm a dancer as well, so of course I am super stoked :-) My sister and I are always the life of the party because we will dance until the very end, no matter how many other folks are on the dance floor, LOL. We certainly live vicariously through our children, so sad, lol. Anyhew, on to the pics.

*WARNING - Picture Heavy Post*

It's pretty sad the amount of damage we did shopping. SMH! But we found so many lovely treasures.

When I was younger, I was a serious tomboy. I used to climb trees with my brother and boy cousins. This huge tree brought back those memories and made me wanna climb it.......I know....weird, lol.

Our favorite restaurant during our stay. If you're ever in Oahu, please visit this place. The food was sooooo good and seriously affordable. The breakfast special was a mere $3.95....SWEET!

The Special......freakin yummy! You can't finish half of it....that's what I call a deal!

Earrings - Random boutique in Oahu
Top - Arden B
Bikini top - Wet Seal
Cuff - Hot Topic
Ring - gift from bestie
Jeans - Forever 21
Sandals - Random boutique in Oahu

We were waiting on the airport shuttle.....clearly my mother is not a happy camper, LMBO!

Headed back to the mainland......but we will be back soon :-) Next time....Maui!

Thanks for enduring my vacation recap with me. Have a wonderful weekend good people!



Vanessa V. said…
You look pretty dear! And wonderful pictures!

Apurva Saxena said…
Wow A fun filled trip you had....And enjoyed so much. Lucky girl indeed. ^_^ And gosh that food just looks so yum

I will second with the comment above mine..You look so pretty ^_^

Love from India <3

That open front top is really amazing, you look hot and white is perfect on you, perfect like always.

About my job, I'm wanted to quit for a long time now, but I wanted to do it a polite way, but when people don't respect me, I can't take it anymore.
Thank you for your words.
Unknown said…
You girls look so relaxed and it looks like you're having an amazing time. Thx for sharing the photos.

<3 Marina
Skinny said…
I'm so jealous- I can't wait till I go visit!!
Anonymous said…
i can't wait to visit Maui! your pictures bring back great memories
#Chiffon said…
looks like you had an amazing time. I absolutely love Hawaii!!!!!
Apurva Saxena said…
Thank you so much for liking my post.And I hope you are coming up with a post showing what all you shopped ^_^

P.s. I am now following you.If you like my blog would love if you follow back :D

Love from India
<3 Apurva
Loved going through your pictures..
lovely top btw
Marcela Gmd said…
Beautiful post!!!
Have a nice Sunday!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥
Sylwia said…
I love your shoes ♥
Que said…
You look stunning, love your top, so sexy.
NaNa said…
looks like you had an awesome time, so envious hehe! thanks for sharing your nice photos hun =)

love from the NANA girls xoxo
Rach said…
looke like a fantastic vacation!!! I had soo much fun also when visiting Oahu!
Rachel S said…
Love reading your blog! You always post interesting stuffs!