Hawaii Recap - Part IV

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I'm almost at the end of my vacation recap. I usually don't do this many posts but clearly the memories are really fresh and I'm sorry but I could relieve them every day! Not to mention, several of you have expressed how much you like them so thank you all very much :-)

The post below revolved around the beautiful Waikiki beach and of course.....more shopping!!!

I put on this little number to chill by the pool. Obviously I'm a curvy chick so the classic string bikini is my go to for the best complementary look. I had to mix match my bikini pieces because they were sold out of the polka dot bandeau top. Seriously???

Bikini - JC Penney

Loving my mom's look! That cover up is too cute!

The famous Waikiki beach!!! So lovely!

Laughing at my momma cause she was tired of taking pictures, LOL!

Disclaimer: I am a thick woman and I know it! Please don't try me with ya'll comments. *serious face*

Top - Macy's
Bottom - H&M

The water was COLD! So of course our visit turned into a photo shoot, LOL!

Hat - birthday gift from friend
Sunglasses - Chloe
Earrings - Street vendor
Cover-up - Saks Fifth Avenue
Sandals - Random boutique in Oahu

One more day of vacation coverage.....thanks for sticking it out with me. You guys rock!!!



luv_spending! said…
Yes u are a thick chick and so am I but guess what I love it!! Girl you look GREAT stomach flat waist tight so gone with ur bad self. If anybody do leave anything negative you should automatically know that's "HATE"
Your mom looks good and I can tell she enjoyed herself. But once again you killed those bikini's
A Haute Mommy said…
Yes you are thick and look great! Your stomach flatter than mines. I won't even wear a two piece. I just love your confidence.
Fashion Maids said…
Looks lik you had a great time, nice photos! Thick in all the right places- you are werkinnnn that bikin, loving it!

Tavia Mac said…
Gurllllll that cover up is HAUTE and you are working them curves!! So many of us WISH we can put on a bikini. I guess that's why I am all on the cover up because that is where I live...lol.

Ritcha Verma said…
I loveeeeee your cover-up! And you look hot cause you carry what's most important for a curvy chick when she is wearing a bikini and that is CONFIDENCE! You rock both the bikinis sweetie!

Unknown said…
Gurl please if I could look that good in a bathing suit thickness and all I would rock one too!!!

You and your mom are too cute, I am glad you both had a great time, Hawaii looks like an amazing place to visit!!

Carsedra of:


Your "Disclaimer" made me smile, thank you :). I really needed that, a lot, I quit my job on Monday, and not many reasons for smiling these days.
Anonymous said…
The picture with you and your mom is sooo cute, yall should blow that one up. You have a very nice body, thick or not, it fits you perfectly. I never had an interest in going to Hawaii but you are making me change my mind! Looks so peaceful out there
Style4Curves said…
yes you are thick and beautiful!!!!!!! If only I could get my stomach looking like this again!! #motivation
Girl you had me laughing with the "Dont try me" serious face! HAHA! Your body is nice and tight! One time for us thick and curvy chicks! You look great! At least you're not scared to rock a two piece. I'm always too self-conscious even when I was a teenager and was sticks and bones. Go on with ya bad self!
Hot body lady!!!! You look awesome in a bikini! LOVE IT :) Man I need to work out!!!!! Awesome bikini too btw. Gosh to be by the beach!

Mai Musings said…
No disclaimer needed, you were working both 'kinis and I really love your cover up!
Que said…
You look absolutely gorgeous in your bikins and in that colourful dress... Love this.

kisses from South Africa
Wow! Lovely photos. I love the hat and cover up! So nice!
By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog.
QuĂ© Acierto! said…
You are really a lucky girl. I dream with such a wonderful place for my next holydays.
Chezka Cenon Li said…
Haha...well I'm thick too so no comment there :) Love your maxi dress, and the beach looked fantastic! Jealous!

- Che

Dre said…
Looks like you had so much fun, girlie! And you were werkin' that bikini. I soooo wish I had your stomach girl I would be in a 2-piece all the time lol.

Thanks for sharing your vacation with us through pics :)
Unknown said…
You look great in those bikinis - no disclaimer needed (funny though), love that cover up. Your Mom definitely rocked the cover up. Beautiful pictures.

Candyce Nicole said…
Girl, you have motivated me to get it together! Your body is hawt!!

Thanks for sharing these fab pics. You and Mama Fashion Pad look like you both had a blast!
Tala said…
glad you had a fun AND FASHIONABLE time :)
LA Lynn's said…
I see ya BABE with that BANGIN BEACH BODY!!!! *_*
KC said…
To echo Trice: Go on wit ya bad self!!!

The print/solid mix of your bikinis is really really cute. So much so that you make me want to go out and buy a bikini...and I DON'T do swimwear!
great pictures!
i love your dress
you have a great blog

if you want, we can follow each other
kisses from france
Tomilola Vanna said…
Your body is AMAZING!!!
Anonymous said…
Girl boo, thick is fabulous!!! Your stomach is flat and I'm sooo jealous!!!!

You both look gorgeous.
Unknown said…
Mama, you look fabulous and what a body! We can see now what miss Shanequa is working with ;) lol! Love the cover up Maxi dress and beautiful photos!
I love a confident woman who is comfortable in their skin. I'm still struggling with that. I constantly think I need to lose 15 pounds. You and your mother rock the hell out of those cover-ups.