Outfit: Red, Tan, and Animal Print

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Happy Hump Day lovers! I'm tired as heck and I'm sure my body knows that my vacation is coming up so apparently it's trying to shut down early, lol. But of course I have to keep pressing forward. I am still celebrating my bday month (hmmm, is that why I'm so tired??? LOL!) I'm sharing some pics from an open mic poetry show I went to last Monday. Ummmm.....***disclaimer***.the pics are horrible, but got darn it I rarely get opportunities to take OOTN pics so you guys are going to have to just talk about me in the comments section, LOL! My plan is to get a new camera this weekend. I'm going to try my best to focus on that and NOT clothes or shoes........notice I left out jewelry and handbags *tee hee hee*

Did I ever tell you guys I love the combination of red and tan? If not, you know now!

So yea....here's the first horrible pic. You can't even see any details on my face, so don't even try....it's an outfit post anyways, lol. 

My necklace is in the shape of an owl. It's so cute....I think I'm going to call it Fred, lmbo!

Statement earrings are a must whenever I'm headed out. My outfit contains simple lines and minimalist pieces so I ALWAYS add in the glam factor with my shoes and my jewelry.

Jewelry and Top - Forever 21
Jeans - Boutique in NY
Clutch - Charlotte Russe
Heels - Zara



Unknown said…
Hey cutie face! I love celebrating our birthday month! I haven't forgotten about you either, I have just a little somethin' for ya! Loving the red jeans & have a fabulous Wednesday. Getting my new camera made all the difference in the world!
Unknown said…
Cute outfit Ma'am!!

Carsedra of:


I love your accessories girl, so so beautiful and so big, just my kind of style.
Adding statement jewelry is the PERFECT way to dress up an outfit! Love the color of those pants. On my PC it looks coral...

chic therapy said…
casual chic!me likey
Bravoe Runway said…
Hello darling, love this look and the shoes are fierce. So...what camera are you going to get????
xoxo Kellz* said…
shoeeeeeeeeeeeeeees <3
haha, I can see the through the blur. I love those red pants lady. Good luck on getting a great camera. Are you getting a digital or dslr, quick point snap, etc. Have a great day!
Ticka said…
Very cute! Love red and leopard together! Those shoes are FIRE!!
Love red and leopard together!
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks ladies!

@Bravoe Runway....I'm thinking about a Canon

@Fashion Tales....girl I'm not sure but my friend who's a photographer gave me some specs to go by. She's a lifesaver because I'm clueless, LOL!
LA Lynn's said…
Gurrrrl, we see youuuuu & I see Fred!!!! LOL!!!!

Red & Leo is winning!!!!!
- Kimbunnii - said…
LOVE the heels. I got a Canon Rebel t3 but havent used it yet - a litle intimidated I guess lol
notanymore said…
Possibly too hot outside already, but I think a navy blazer would have gone well with this... Loving the red pants.