Outfit: Navy Blazer and Floral Dress

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Monday lovers! Quick post today because I had a late night. Went to a "fashion show" with my homegirl and let's just say it was interesting to say the least. Will I be posting pics....ummmm no. But I will post pics of what I wore. It's a darn shame when you don't even feel like pulling out your camera at a fashion event. SMH.

Well last Sunday I stepped into church with my new, OVERSIZED heels I purchased in my whirlwind internet shopping spree a couple of weeks ago. I hate when I get my size and the shoes are way too big. I can understand a little room here and there, but a whole size too large.....that ish cray!

Here are the lovely culprits!!! If you look closely, you can see a little gap between my heel and the back of the shoe. Good grief!

Oh yea.....I did in fact iron that dress before I left home. Those creases are purely "sit down" creases, lol.

I try to always test drive my shoes by wearing them to church, or a trip to the grocery store. Yea....not sure I chose the grocery store either as my testing center, lol.

They are super sexy in a classic sort of way. I think I really liked the navy blue and gold combo. HOT! But I  did feel that it was my duty as a fashionista to write an honest review about the 'fit'. Reviews come in handy so you guys should really make sure you write one. If you already do...great!

This "little" dress will not be worn to church again. I felt so super conscious of its short hemline all service. Neva again!!!

Earrings - Street vendor
Blazer - French Connection
Dress - Banana Republic
Belt - Random boutique
Bangles - Alexis Bittar
Rings - Forever 21
Handbag - Cole Haan
Heels - Urbanog.com



Unknown said…
You look so pretty!! The shoes are sexy in a classy way as you said, but yeah you can see they are a little big!! LOL But hey the straps around the ankle should've helped, right?!?!?!

Carsedra of:


I WANT YOUR SHOES....now...please and thank you!LOL! Girl those shoes are too badd! You look great!
Ashley said…
Well don't you look lovely! Love your dress and blazer :)

Anonymous said…
I love the "sit down creases"! I'm sad the fashion show was whack. Anyhow I wanted you to know that you have motivated me to buy more dresses and shorter ones at that!
Ticka said…
Cute shoes!! Love the height and the color. I know what you mean about having the gap in the back of the shoe. It's always an issue for me if a style does not have a wide width and I have to go a half size up to make up for it.

You should invest in a prayer cloth for those boarderline dresses/skirts for church. It's saved me in a few cases. As my Grandma would say, "Gurl, you better cover those gams!! lol
Fashion Pad said…
@Ticka....thanks for the suggestion

@Carsedra....girl they helped a smidgen, that's all.
This look is amazing, I love the dress and I love the combination you created, perfect!

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Mrs. Pancakes said…
The shoes are fierce!
Love love love those shoes! The gold detail is the best! Nice pairing them with the floral dress!

LA Lynn's said…
Gurrrrl, you betta werk that baby oil on them legs with them shoes!!!!! HAUTE!!!!
Nuellasource said…
You're very pretty,The dress is beautiful and I love those shoes!
Mai Musings said…
Love the style and color of the shoe. I am always afraid of purchasing shoes & clothing online unless it's a brand I'm familiar with. I was wondering about that hemline in church.
Dre said…
GIRL!!! You are rocking that floral print, hunni! I love the dress and the shoes! I wouldn't even have noticed the gap if you wouldn't have mentioned it lol. And I totally agree that it helps to write reviews when purchasing products online. I often look to the reviews before making my decision on purchasing and always give an honest review as well.
Fashion Pad said…
@LA Lynn...LMBO, why r u so IG??? Girl that's Nivea....you betta get on board ;-)

@Mai Musings...trust, this dress will not be worn again at church. Too short!!!
Tavia Mac said…
LOL @ your oversized shoes which are pure HAUTENESS! I love them and that dress!