Outfit: Black and White Mini Skirt

Greetings Fashionistas,

TGIF!!! I'm headed out of town to chill and have some fun. But more importantly, let me address the fact that justice for 17 yo Trayvon Martin has occurred!!! George Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd-degree murder! FINALLY!!! I know the parents of that young man are experiencing a bittersweet joy and I will continue to pray for them. The state attorney insisted that no "pressure from the public" resulted in Zimmerman's arrest, but I wholeheartedly disagree. If it wasn't for folks like you lending your voice, your petition, and protests for justice, this case would not even have made it on the state attorney's desk. Furthermore, the "Stand Your Ground Law" is also going to get a scrutinizing look and I couldn't be more giddy. So proud of everyone involved with the "I am Trayvon Martin" case. We ROCK!

On Sunday, I attended a "fashion show" with my homie and it was.....interesting. I don't like to bash folk but let's just say I took zero pictures at the show. The event center itself was lovely, but I couldn't figure out for the life of me the fashions. SMH. Anyhew, what I wore is below.

Pulled out a tried and true combo: black and white with red accents. We actually had a little spring chill so I was able to pull out a jacket to pair with my mini.

It was sooooo windy. And this skirt was not the best choice for a windy evening, LOL! I literally was immobile the entire night. SMH

Love this clutch! Bought it several years ago and it looks new every time I wear it!

Earrings - Street vendor
Jacket - Nordstrom
Tank - Target
Skirt - Forever 21
Bangles on left - Forever 21
Bracelet on right - gift
Clutch - Barney's New York
Wedge heels - Jeffrey Campbell



LA Lynn's said…
Those shoesssss are everything & that skirt is the bizness with them legs!!!!!

Also, keep on pushing for a conviction on the Trayvon case!!!!

Have a safe & fun trip!

Unknown said…
Them LEGGGGGSSSSS... looking good girly.. those shoes just do something fabulous for your stems :).. Love the entire outfit.. think i have this same skirt in red/white.. loved the way you added some edge with the jacket and shoes and the pop of red! Wishing you a safe and fun weekend.

Life's a shoe said…
great style, love this looK!
Tammy said…
That skirt.. YASSSSS and werk it with them shoes!

G. said…
Love those shoes! omg ❤

Yajaira said…
cute skirt, am loving the wedges - so cute and different

thanks for the comment on my pageblog, for participating on my giveaway and for following

Jekkie said…
love efrything abt u. d smile, d size etc. u r beautiful.
Rach said…
love love love your shoes! work it!
Anonymous said…
I agree, the public definitely had something to do with the turn around... if we didn't, why wasn't he arrested in the first place. ummhmmmm.

Love your mini!
Cindy N. said…
Nice outfit!

Your outfit can kill..love it..black& white & red.....Whaow
Unknown said…
Yay, I'm so happy justice is served and Trevon's mother can have some semblance of peace! you look amazing as usual, I'm loving the outfit it's edgy, sexy, & girly at the same time..the skirt with the motto jacket gives it edgyness & a lil sexiness while the shoes give it the girlyness it needs; great outfit!
Ok the outfit is cute but the shoe are SICK! Love!
KC said…
"Woo-Weet" (that's my construction worker whistle) LOL!!!

Seriously, love this outfit...very sassy, and you look great!
Anonymous said…
Giiirrrrlll!you are fearless! Very cute and I die for those Jeffrey Campbells!
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks ladies! The skirt is a cutie but ure right....the shoes make the outfit for sure!
Mrs. Pancakes said…
The shoes are fierce...couldn't agree more with the TM case...I'm still praying!
Beauty or Swaag said…
can i borrow that skirt ? paaleaseeeee loll . you look lovelyy
those shoes are killa, thx for commenting on my blog ! Im now following u now
Bravoe Runway said…
this is a fierce outfit, love the shoes!!!
EstiloSierra said…
Beautiful! Would you like to follow each other?