New Additions: Work Tote and Heels Galore

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

A few weeks ago I went on a mini major shopping binge. I purchased 7 pairs of shoes in the span of a week and a half as well as scooped up several items of clothing and this lovely bag below that I've designated exclusively for work. Ummm.....clearly my friends don't love me because I reached out several times for an intervention and no one came to my rescue. As a matter of fact, most of them jokas encouraged my behavior!!! #shadyashell LOL! It was my birthday weekend/week so of course I used that as an excuse. SMH. But real talk, my total bill was extremely low as I bought items on sale and for under $100 bucks. I didn't go completely insane....just wigged out on my bank account for a hot minute per usual. The abuse is palpable, lol. My bank account and I sat down and had a talk and we're good now ;-) Below I've posted pics of my new bag and shoes.

This bag is so huge! PERFECT for my documents, books, and random accessories for work.

I love the fact that it has short handles and a long, sturdy strap. I need that versatility!

Nice, simple hardware....completely open on the inside.

Earrings - Forever 21
Top - Banana Republic
Belted Skirt - gift from mom
Rings - Street vendors
Handbag/Tote - Zara
Heels - Zara

Couldn't even fit all 7 pair in one shot. I left off the pink pumps but you can see those below!

I have worn all of these heels in the above pic.

I still have to rock the red and black and the turquoise heels above....

The pumps in the middle are huge....and I am not referring to the size. They are a little intimidating in the "flesh" so I have to build up my nerves to rock them, lol. The pink pumps are the ones I wore in yesterday's denim on denim post. The Pepto-Bismol color totally sold me, LOL!

From left to right: Blue and gold heels (, Denim spiked heels by Sam Edelman (Off Saks 5th),  Metallic heels (,  Red and black heels (, Turquoise heels (, Animal print heels (, Pink heels (

So what do you all think of my new additions???



Tavia Mac said…
Your new additions are fierce as usual! I have been on a hunt for a turquoise pair of shoes and have yet to find the exact pair I want. I also have been drooling of all of you have copped that Zara bag...I love it!


OH..and I can't remember if I wished you a Happy if I haven't...HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY DIVA!!!
Teshia_Nicole said…
For under 100 dollars thats great!!! I love a great sale!! Mini-- well major shopping sprees on a budget are great and well needed! lol
Fashion Pad said…
Thank you!

@Mrs. T. Mac....Awww, that's so sweet! I just purchased another pair of turquoise pumps that i can't wait to share with you all!!!
Unknown said…
Cute outfit, I saw that bag at Zara and was thinking about getting, but I usually don't buy none leather bag (call me crazy)but my have to reconsider on this one!!

HA!!! And this is why I call you the Shoe Queen!! LOL!!! Loving each and every pair!!!

Carsedra of:
Fashion~Junkie said…
Cute and I have the Sam Edelman Lorissa pump in Black,will be wearing them soon!!!
Anonymous said…
Nice Look Lady! Very Classy and Professional! And looks like someone had the shoe itch BAD that day! LOL! Great finds and deals for sure! MALE APPROVED! - JT
hautepinkpretty said…
Love the look and hello gorgeous HUGE bag!! Love the new shoes too!! Xox <3
Fashion Pad said…
@Carsedra....I usually buy only leather pieces as well but this bag was chic amd offered everything I needed

@Hustle vs Wisdom....thanks. I had a serious itch those days for sure!
Gillie said…
I'm so jealous of your shoe additions, they're all so gorgeous!!

xo Gillie
Unknown said…
Lovely additions, they're all fab & worth the shopping spree :)..
joy said…
I love the skirt with the green top, your outfit is really pretty! And so are all your shoes, I don't really have that many shoes, but I wish I did :)
Fashion Pad said…
@Joyce...thank you. My shoe collection is extensive, but it took a long time for it to grow....even with the random shopping sprees, lol.
Anonymous said…
I think your new additions are hot! Those spiked ones are bad! I really need some turquoise sandals. You did well!
LOVE your new heels!!!!
The bag is fabulous!!!
You look beautiful in all the photos!!!
I love looking at the handbag from Zara! It complemented your beautiful skin-tone!
Mrs. Pancakes said…
Oh wow the handbag is awesome and the shoes are fierce!!
Wow! Lots of great additions! Of course I like the spiked heels, the pink heels, the turquoise heels, the gold heels....let's just say I like em all! :)
Coco Bates said…
I looove the tote and your black pumps as well!
Fashion Pad said…
Really? Well I'm rocking that sucker more often!
Fashion Pad said…
Haaa! We could not be shopping buddies! We would be broke!!! LOL
Ruva said…
the shoes are gorg!! my favourite are the denim spiked peep toes!!!

ps: thanks for the comment on my blog...following u now
KC said…
I just want to jump into that bag! It is huge and has a beautiful structure!
My fav pair of your shoes are the Sam Edelman ones...
I mean I have big shoes collection, but I would additionally pick all your shoes as well! Wow!:)
Thank u dear for your comment on my blog, hope to see u soon!!
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous !! Missed going through your lovely posts but now I am back :)

Tiny Micia