Hot or Not???

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Thank you so much for ALL of  your birthday wishes!!!! You guys ROCK! I had a blast yesterday and I definitely enjoyed my entire weekend. It was full of birthday celebrations with family and friends, dining out, and shopping....what a perfect combination, LOL! I have so many photos to share, but I was too lazy to download them last night.Once I made it home, I just dove into my bed like a champion Olympic diver! You guys would have been impressed, lol. Personal style pics will resume tomorrow ;-)

For now, I was up on Instagram early this morning and saw these pics of the fly diva Rihanna rocking a new black 'do and some absolutely fabulous pants......which of course is what really caught my eye!

Aren't these pants FIERCE??? I like RiRi's new look as well but it's about the fashion on this blog! Unfortunately, I'm not sure what designer she's wearing. I performed a quick search but couldn't find the exact pair for now. However, I did find a similar look and they're posted below.

Helene Berman Animal-print stretch-cotton pants 

The above pants are fly, but I want Rihanna's pair! I'm going to keep searching for them.

Another look I spotted is by my girl Raven Simone. But let me just say that I don't think I'm loving this mix-matched shoe thing that Raven has going on in this pic below.

Raven was attending the Sister Act 2 photo call for her Broadway debut  back in March. She has on a gray pump and a black pump. My vote is to not even try to make this a just doesn't work. The lighter pump clashes and just ruins a perfectly chic outfit in my opinion. I hope this wasn't the work of a stylist.......I would be sorely disappointed.

So what do you all think of the above looks? Are they Hot or Not????

Raven's pic spotted at



Unknown said…
I like RiRi`s look the best - really cool. And i too need pants like thi in my life!

Prisla Buah said…
Those pants are fierce love them
Unknown said…
Amazing styles!
I like your blog :)
Unknown said…
I'll take Rihanna's look over Raven's!!

Carsedra of:
Unknown said…
And how did I not remember your birthday!!


Carsedra of:
Marianna said…
Girl i can't help but love you.
i was already following you via bloglovin but i decided to gfc follow as well because you seriously rock. i love the fact that you are always honest to yourself and you are not afraid to tell the truth. i mean seriously that mismatched shoe thing???? horrible. i am so glad that you didn't say wow how stylish cause i've seen many bloggers saying that and i was like wtf?
it just doesn't make any sense. it seems like she put on a fab outfit and then rushed outside her house and forgot that she wore two different shoes.
rihanna's pants are fierce though.
i dont' want to spam but i really need to ask you something.
could u plzzzzz check out my blog where i blog about fashion editorials??
i want to someday reach 300 followers in order to host a giveaway but i don't care about follow me and i'll follow you back i want true readers with who i will chat and exchange opinions and that kind of readers are hard to find so its hard for me to reach 300 followers.
any help appreciated. gfc or bloglovin or both which would be even better.
and would really like to chat with you about other fashion freaks i've seen lately.
Rach said…
Glad you enjoyed your birthday!! Love rihanna's hair. hate Raven Simone's shoes!
Unknown said…
Oh im so glad you made the lip scrub ! :D

and those trousers are really cool, and wow I dont like raven's mix of heels though :/ xx
Anonymous said…
I love RiRi's hair, she inspired my short cut. I keep trying to grow it out but short hair is so daring.

Ummm no on those mismatched shoes. It looks like she dressed in the dark.
Dre said…
I love Ri-Ri's look! I'm in love with those pants as well!

And I totally agree, Raven Symone's look would have been so much better if she wouldn't have mis-matched with that gray pump. Whoever thought that was a good idea should probably be fired -_-
Mrs. Pancakes said…
i still can't get over her weight loss...don't know about the shoe idea!