Reader Request - Wedge Sneakers

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I have a reader request from Fashion Pad reader Emily that I've been sitting on for a while. Not because I've been too lazy to do it, but because it has been hard fulfilling this request. Check it out.

Hi fashion diva,

Could you please find me a "look for less" for these Isabel Marant sneakers that Miranda is wearing in the attached picture. I love sneakers and these are so amazing. But I can't afford the designer pair because I'm a struggling student, LOL. Love your blog, thanks in advance for your help!!

Whew Miranda's baby is chunky! LOL! Let's take a closer look at these bad boys that are virtually SOLD OUT everywhere!

These babies cost about $760.00 most places.....YIKES!

Talk about a challenging request. Well, actually the request was simple, the leg work was the difficult part. I could not find much less than around $70 bucks....but I hope you're satisfied with the options I found hunni :-)

Bowie Sneaker by Ash $225.00

These are super cute and are really similar to the designer pair above. Ash is known for tomboy, stylish designs. I wouldn't mind adding these fab sneakers to my closet. Oh boy, I really 'hate' these requests sometimes....I get myself into soooo much trouble, LOL!

Hightop High Heeled Shoes $131.00

I can't believe I actually found a knock-off!!! Oh wait, the politically correct terminology is "designer-inspired". Anyhew, the price point is a lot more affordable for basically the same look Hmmm.....I think me and Emily are going to be adding one of these to our closets soon!!!

Platform Wedge Sneaker $70.00 (on sale)

The last look I could find for less is this cutie above. Unfortunately, it is only available in black. But hey, the wedge sneaker look is there and I figured you would be a little more drawn to the price.

Whew, this was a good request Emily. However, it has woken up the shopping demon in me....but what's new? I hope one of the above will fit the bill!



Yeah! I don't know what I feel about these shoes :).
Ioana-Carmen said…
Love them too! :X
Unknown said…
hey, you! i've been drooling over those IM sneakers.... but you found a great alternative. great, neutral color also. :)

great job, girl!
Jadore-Fashion said…
I am not such a big fan of sneakers, but I love high tops and Christian louboutin has a cute pair :)

Unknown said…
What a great post! I was just thinking about this trend recently and realized a pair of my lace up booties actually fits the trend lol. Talk about smart shopopimng huh?

Sarah Jane R.
Hmmmm....I think I might want a pair of those wedge sneakers!
~Style Bot~ said…
I abhor tennis shoes but I love the ones Miranda Kerr is wearing. I can see why she was feeling them. I can barely bring myself to pay $80 for cute little Sperry's so I don't know about those hefty price tags. If they were infinitely more reasonably priced I'd be all over it though. LOL! BTW, ROFL at you calling that baby chunky! No wonder why she had to pull out the tennis shoes, LOL!
Unknown said…
I love these shoes so much!!
please visit me in free time:)
Unknown said…
Loe your great finds for less and also it is the only way you will see me wearing snearkers, with a HEEL! Lol
Simply Tasheena said…
Cute finds!

Mrs. Delightful
Anonymous said…
Wow they're so cool! Would be the best for when you're going hard at an RnB club
I think I'm going to get myself a pair!
- El. ♥
Unknown said…
I love them Isabel Marant sneakers & I want one..Unfortunately, I can't afford it but I found some other ones & I'm currently debating between the ash shoes or nine west don't know which one to get though!
Unknown said…
Love this! The shoes are adorable and you found such nice 'designer inspired' ones)