Reader Request: Blush Pink Blazer

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I have a reader request to share with you all from Kristen:
Hi! I absolutely love this blazer. I know you got it from forever 21...was it recently? I am trying to find it on their website. Is it considered coral? If you could help me out find it  I would greatly appreciate it!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Unfortunately Kristen, I purchased the blazer I'm wearing in the above photo last summer. The color I'm wearing was described as blush pink but I believe it definitely has a coral undertone. Although my exact blazer is no longer available, I took heed of your request and found several options that I hope will please you instead.

Roll-up cuffs blazer $79.99

The above blazer has the blush pink color you requested and it's similar to the style I'm wearing.

3-4-Sleeve Single-Breasted Blazer $40.00

Now this blazer by Yes Style is the best option I found. The color is exactly the same, the style closely resembles the one I'm wearing, and the price is right!!!!!

Frenchi® Drapey Menswear Blazer $59.00

The material of the blazer I am wearing is a mix of linen and cotton. It's obviously a perfect combo for spring/summer. However, the above blazer is rayon and polyester so the 'silky' texture would offer a cool feel to the skin during the warmer months.

Pim plus Larkin Colette Blazer $79.00

This blazer has more tan undertones but the site described the color as 'light pink'.

Single-Button Blazer $125.00

Love the pocket flaps on this item!


The tailoring on this blazer is great! I actually saw the above in store when I purchased my canary yellow blazer a couple of weeks ago. It's a little pricey but I think you would get a lot of wear out of it.

Apt. 9® Textured Open-Front Blazer 
$44.99 (on sale)

Sorry about the grainy photo. But I had to include it so you can have many options to choose from. The blush pink hue and single button style make this blazer a fab option........and the price is good ;-)

I hope the above options will work well for you hunni! If not, you definitely can email me and I will try to expand the search. Thanks again for the request and have a fab day and happy shopping!



Simply Tasheena said…
That is such a HOT! Blazer :)

Mrs. Delightful
LA Lynn's said…
U R so sweet! And, the blazer is HOT!
Anonymous said…
I have a linen blush blazer but haven't found any other materials! love this list <3 thanks for sharing!!
Summery blazers are really cool, and that color is perfect.
I think I have that same blazer and love it!
Vanessa V. said…
And the blazer is really gorgeous!
HeelsNposes said…
Really cute options. This color is actually is one of the few colors i'm missing in my blazer collection so great tips. I usually buy mine from Zara because they're so comfortable but they can be very pricey like you said. I think we might have the same yellow blazer. I've been staring at it in my closet for weeks and haven't worn it yet. LOL i'm guessing you're doing the same because it's so hot here in FL. Can't wait to see how you styled it.

xoxo (till next time)
G. said…
I shrunk my nude blazer! So disappointed in myself, lol! You look fab hun. ❤
Marianna said…
i never really gave any though to pink blazers since blazers tend to look horrible on me but the one you are wearing is fab