Outfit: Strapless Gray? Mini

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Today, I'm headed to do something that is close to my heart. Whenever possible, I lend my voice, presence, and/or funds to fight injustices in our world. I'm headed to Florida A&M University's School of Law for a protest planning meeting. Unless you purposely avoid the news, social media, or the radio, I'm sure you have heard of the tragic case that occurred here in central Florida recently. A 17 yo young man, with his entire life ahead of him, was shot down in alleged "self-defense" by a neighborhood watch volunteer. This happened during NBA All Star weekend as Trayvon Martin took a break from watching the game with his dad, to go to the local convenience store to get snacks for him and his younger sibling. I am appalled and greatly disturbed that his shooter is still free. Apparently, the police believed the shooter's side of the story that he was defending his self. Ummm.....my best friend was in a car accident and although it was pretty clear who was at fault, the police couldn't take her side until all evidence was reviewed and witness statements were gathered. The circumstances surrounding this particular case appear to be rather suspect. There are witnesses, Trayvon was defenseless, and the 911 calls support the witnesses' recounts. Yet still, not one charge has been made.....NOT ONE!.

Today, I am standing up for the injustices that occur in our communities on a daily basis. Today, I'm lending my voice, my presence, and my funds, if necessary, to help educate others as well as take a stand against unfairness, racial profiling, violence, and injustice. I sincerely hope that you all will fight hard for the basic rights of our people, our communities, and this nation. We should no longer have to confront these issues in America. Our children should not fear walking to the store. And most of all....if we can prevent it, we should not allow a mother and father to bury their child. I hope you agree. Please join with me and pray for the families of this departed 17 yo boy. May his young soul rest in peace.

To those of you who are really sensitive to this kind of tragedy, I'm sorry, but I had to speak on this. And to to lighten up this post a little, I'd like to share a few pics from my weekend attire. It has been rather warm here lately so of course I was more than happy to bring out one of my summer staples......so don't talk about me when you see this dress frequently in the coming months.

My nephew bought me this dress for my bday a few years back and it brings me great joy  that I can wear it again. LOL!

This chunky bra was a tad bit much for the sweetheart neckline of this dress. Haaa!

I don't know what color this dress is.....but I'm gonna guess gray. However, up close, it has some purple undertones.

Necklace - Forever 21
Belted Dress - bday gift
Ring - Boutique in New Orleans
Handbag - Furla
Sandals - Gojane.com



you look lovely...your nephew has a good eye.lol
Unknown said…
gorgeous :) the weather looks so nice where you are and your dress and hair looks perfect!..xx
Unknown said…
I am loving that dress! and that story is a tragedy, I don't think they would let me run around free after shooting someone! I don't get it!
I love your dress but I hardly can think of anything but your words. It's so scary the story you told. so unfair! people should not bury their kids. it's not fair.
I'm so proud to run into the blog of such a responsible person. thank you for whet you do.

Inside and Outside Blog
P.S. as it is a style blog I would definitely like your blog for your style but here I can say I'm very happy to start following a person who is so beautiful both inside and outside
Teshia_Nicole said…
smdh... Thank you for address the situation. I find it quite sad that he is still free walking around as if its OKAY. smh and the sad thing is all the evidence is basically pointing to him. If the shoe was on the other foot im SURE it would be different.

Cute look <3
We leave in such a crazy and mean world, i hate this. i hope you all will be able to make a difference.
Unknown said…
I'm so loving the casual chic look, you look great! You pull off the loveliest looks!
Ashley said…
Well don't you look springy! I love that dress and those sandals :)

Cathy said…
great look ^___^!

it really looks like you're getting ready to welcome Spring, and maybe even Summer! xD

I'm really jealous of your warm weather. I hope it warms up over here too!
gen321 said…
Great post! The tragedy of Trayvon Martin, is a modern day version of Emmett Till. We all should find some way, to voice to that community and to the world, that his murder will not be swept under the rug. It will not be forgotten. Justice will prevail.

P.S. You look adorbs!
Sazi Efionayi said…
hot look and thanks for getting back to me

Prisla Buah said…
Cute ensemble Dear love the dress and the purse
- Kimbunnii - said…
I saw you on tv last night. I think you were at the rally with my husband! When I saw u I was like omg her face looks so familiar but I coudn't put my finger on it until this morning. Thank you for standing up for justice. Will u be at the rally today?
Cute dress btw!
Fashion Pad said…
@Kimbunnii....I am trying my best 2 be there. I have a pharmacy conference in town that I have to attend. However, they will also have a huge meeting on Monday and of course I'm going to be there!
LA Lynn's said…
Yasssss... do it in STYLE!!!! Our VOICES need to be HEARD!!!!

We MUST STAND for something or FALL for ANYTHING!!!! In loving memory of Trayvon Martin!!!!

Peace, Love, & Fashion
Bravoe Runway said…
Your nephew has GREAT taste :) Love the dress and also congrats on the feature on the confessions of a 30 something :)
Unknown said…
Hi gorgeous!! How are you? so very sorry I been MIA but I'm back now and visiting my fav blogs.

I love this dress on you. You look absolutely stunning. Your nephew has great taste.

<3 Marina
Shari said…
Great post, makes me want to cry.. I commend you for speaking on the topic.

You look beautiful doll! But your inner beauty shines thru your actions

~Style Bot~ said…
Hmmm, maybe it is slate gray. Anyway, how sweet that your nephew bought you the dress. None of my nieces or nephews have ever bought me anything, LOL! Either way, you look great in this dress.

With Class & Sass, Khalilah